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Knotted Strings

by Harvey Hoekstra

From “Knotted Strings” to Talking Bibles is Harvey Hoekstra’s captivating personal account of a pioneer missionary family’s years in Africa and beyond. Listen here to Harvey personally read his autobiography.

Harvey Hoekstra and his wife, Lavina, served as missionaries in the Sudan and Ethiopia for 30 years. Harvey is the founder of Talking Bibles International (formerly, Audio Scriptures International) and the father of Mark and Paul Hoekstra, who continue to serve as President and Vice President. The Hoekstras make their home in Escondido, California. They have six children, three of whom are full-time missionaries.

This revisited, revised, and expanded version of his autobiography was published by William Carey Library in Pasadena, California. The text and recording were copyrighted in 2003 by Harvey T. Hoekstra.