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Talking Bibles International Talking Bibles International

India is home to 287+ million non-readers.
They are not able to read the Bible, and never heard of Jesus.

Our Mission for India,
to place 739,000 Talking Bibles in the hands
of the non-readers by 2033

What started 10 years ago with just one Talking Bible, has become 55,000 non-readers already listening and sharing the Word of God in their communities. It means 660+ thousand lives already impacted.
Together, we can place one Talking Bible in each village in India.

Be part of this wonderful mission.
The change begins with one Talking Bible!

Talking Bibles International

Only us and you

Our unique Talking Bible allow millions of people around the world who cannot read to hear the message of the Bible.

With our little, solar-powered audio Bible, which doesn't need internet access, they can hear God's Word in over 2,000 languages. See how we do it, and be part of the miracle!

Talking Bibles International

Each one counts

We speak about millions of people in need and about thousands of Bibles given away, but what really matters is each individual life that is changed by the power of Jesus. Each one counts.

Enter here and read the many stories of changed lives that, with our help, were given the chance to hear God's Word on a Talking Bible.

Talking Bibles International

Give life

You probably know someone who can’t read, can’t access the internet, or simply prefers to listen rather than read.

In our store, you will find Talking Bibles in over 100 languages that you can purchase to give away. Your purchase will help us continue donating Talking Bibles around the world.