Lemar Zacharias

A Bible for His People

Lemar Zacharias used to read the Amharic Bible aloud in his village church, but he could not understand it. When he received a Talking Bible in his mother tongue of Majangir, he heard God speak to him in his own language for the first time.

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Prayer Request

Paul Hoekstra, Vice President of Operations at Talking Bibles, was involved in a serious automobile accident in Hungary on Friday, July 18.

Praise God, Paul is doing OK, but he broke several bones and needs surgery.  He has been in the hospital for four days and hopes to be released later today.

He, his wife, and the children plan to fly home to the USA as soon as possible so Paul can have the needed surgery. Please keep Paul and his family in prayer.

We will keep you updated as information becomes available.


Mark Hoekstra

God is changing lives with Talking Bibles!

When God speaks directly through his Word, he breaks down barriers of misunderstanding, mistrust, and fear. Listeners begin taking responsibility for their actions, making peace with their enemies, and turning from their bad behavior. Read the stories we have collected directly from new believers who have received a Talking Bible.

Posibabu and Subhadra Koda, and their two children

Posibabu and Subhadra

June 2014

This fisherman and his wife grew up like their parents and all the people around them, worshipping idols and false gods. But idols offered them no hope in difficult times. Now Posibabu and Subhadra are raising their own son and daughter to have something greater‒a knowledge of the God who will calm the storms in their lives.



May 2014

Babur talks about his life “before” and “after” hearing God’s Word, now that he has learned how to love his wife and children. After their village was attacked, Babur and his family are living as refugees. Yet Babur has joy and peace because he knows God and is doing his best to live in his ways.

Talking Bible in hands (cropped)


April 2014

This grandmother lives in a region of India known for persecution of Christians. She is forbidden from attending church, and she must hide her Talking Bible from her husband and neighbors. The Talking Bible has become Susila’s source of encouragement to continue in her faith despite hardships.



March 2014

Tume, a 26 year old married mother of three, had never heard the life-changing power of God’s Word. For years, she has lived in a village of non-readers where few knew about Jesus – nor had a relationship with him. She grew up not knowing the dangers of promiscuity.