An Answer to Prayer

When she would not turn from worshiping Jesus, Sangam was beaten and threatened by her husband and his family. Sixteen days after giving birth to her second child, her husband left her and put the children in an orphanage so they would not become Christians. Sangam was devastated.

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God is changing lives with Talking Bibles!

When God speaks directly through his Word, he breaks down barriers of misunderstanding, mistrust, and fear. Listeners begin taking responsibility for their actions, making peace with their enemies, and turning from their bad behavior. Read the stories we have collected directly from new believers who have received a Talking Bible.

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Tanzania Leprosy Camp

May 2015

The women were missing limbs and fingers, but they now had the word of God in their language. They danced with glee on their dirt floors surrounded by mats for beds. The joy of knowing Jesus as Lord was within them and now it was unleashed!



April 2015

Nagla learned about Jesus Christ from a visiting aunt. That first spark kindled a desire to learn and grow. When her village received their first Talking Bibles, she and her friends began listening and discussing together. Now they have not only learned about Jesus, but how they can live as Christians.

James Makuach

James Makuach

March 2015

Because of the Talking Bible, James has become a new missionary to his own people. Before he received the Talking Bible, he only heard God’s Word when someone read it in church. Now that has changed! James wants to share what he has learned from the Bible now that he has access to the Words inside.

Peter Gatkek

Peter Gatkek

January 2015

When Nuer refugees come over the border to get supplies, members of Peter’s church introduce them to the Talking Bible—the Nuer love hearing God’s Word in their heart language. They often ask how they can get a Talking Bible to bring back to their people.