Note from the President

On my last trip to India, I had the great joy of participating in worship services with new believers. Many children were present as well, but not all were from believing families. I know this because the children had a dot on their forehead. The dot worn on the forehead is a religious symbol. It represents divine sight and shows that one is a Hindu.

The children of the believers play with the non-believers’ children in the village. As their parents reach out to other adults in the village, playing the Talking Bible for them, and sharing their faith, the children also have an incredible opportunity to share their faith. These children of believers must be equipped with God’s Word so they can learn and understand Jesus’ teachings and build their faith. They will be called to defend their families’ Christian beliefs, which will become theirs as they grow up.

Please, help us share the Good News with families through the Talking Bible. Help these children grow up with God’s Word speaking to them regularly so they learn the stories, grow their faith and continue the Lord’s work with those around them.

Because they need to hear,

Mark S. Hoekstra

President, Talking Bibles International


There is Peace

*Nura was thrilled the first time she heard a Talking Bible. "It was talking about Jesus! There were words in John chapter 3, that God loves us and gave us His Son."

She borrowed a Talking Bible and played it for her unbelieving husband. He was shocked! "This is my mother tongue!" Everyday he asked to listen to it. He felt he needed to hear it. He didn’t feel comfortable going to the listening group that Nura was a part of because he still was living a sinful lifestyle, drinking and chewing chat. He was so eager to hear the Talking Bible that Nura continued asking to borrow it so she could play it for him.

Now there is a change in her house, she says. Nura is happy everyday. Her husband is gradually changing. He is not drinking as much alcohol. In her house, there is peace, thanks to God, working through a Talking Bible.

*Nura's name has been changed online for her safety.

Planting a Talking Bible

How it Works

A planter chooses a community to receive a Talking Bible.

The planter researches the area and designs a plan to reach that community.

A leader in the community is chosen to oversee the playing of the Talking Bible.

The leader plays the Talking Bible each day for 3 to 6 months.

The planter provides pastoral care and follow-up.

Many listeners believe and are baptized. A church is formed.

Those that hear the Word and receive it bear good fruit.

East Africa Report

"The smiles were the biggest I have ever seen!" That was a comment from our distribution of Talking Bibles for a Christian Blind Community in Ethiopia. We had planned on 20 people for our training and over 70 people showed up. Tomas stated, "Getting this Talking Bible is a miracle for me; one of the great things in my life."  Pray for this blind group as they plan on using Talking Bibles to reach blind and visually impaired people in Ethiopia.

On the fall 2015 trip we followed up on some of the 250 Borana listening groups in southern Ethiopia. We received feedback forms indicating over 300 people deciding to follow Jesus for the first time. We found out that people were very eager to hear this Talking Bible because it was like their fathers and elders speaking truth and life to them. Reports came to us that many people needed to "touch it," which means they need to listen to it and consider it. This is just the beginning of a large movement of Borana people coming to Christ!

One village leader testified after being asked what his peers thought of his decision to become a Christian: "They laughed at me, and told me it seemed I was like a child. I don’t care what they say, because I know Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life!" He continued, "We praise God because we have this Talking Bible ministry with you. Now all my family are born again except for one son."

Rabada's Changed Life

Bay of Bengal, India Rabada never heard any Bible stories growing up. When he was a child, his father became ill and was near death when a village pastor came to his house and prayed for him. His father recovered and became a believer. Both Rabada’s mother and father were baptized and started going to church. Because they could not read, they did not have a Bible.

Rabada now has his own wife and children. He also cannot read so he has difficulty sharing Bible stories with his children. He recently received a Talking Bible to play in his fishing village community. The Talking Bible not only allows him to be an effective witness, but it also is changing his family. Every morning Rabada, his wife and children listen to the Talking Bible. The children are learning Bible stories along with Rabada and his wife—their faith is growing.

Your support will help place Talking Bibles into homes like Rabada’s, where no one in the family can read but have an intense desire to know Jesus.