A non-reader who receives a Talking Bible also receives instruction on how to use the Talking Bible and how to set up a Listening Group.

This may be as simple as playing it for their family and neighbors or may be more complicated such as setting a time and place each week to meet with a set group and listen and discuss what they are learning. 

In India, a family group is effective in reaching people who would never otherwise listen to God’s Word. It is difficult to ignore when God’s Word is playing in your home. We trust the Holy Spirit will work in stubborn and closed hearts to open them to hearing about God’s love and saving Grace. Family groups usually expand to include neighbors and friends so 6-12 people hear each Talking Bible and even up to 50 people may regularly listen to one Talking Bible. Priya received a Talking Bible and found out God’s Word was powerful and life-changing for her family and neighbors!

In Africa, a more formal group may be established for larger numbers of people to listen. A set time and place each day or week means a consistent group gathers to listen and discuss the Talking Bible. A local pastor or evangelist will visit the Bible Listening Group to answer questions and shepherd the people. When a decision to listen and believe in Jesus is made in a group like this, there is a strong commitment made and often a church will form out of one or several groups getting together. Read Ariet’s story to see an example of a Talking Bible Listening Group changing lives and saving souls.

Sponsorship of a Talking Bible Listening Group allows Talking Bibles ministry to provide a Talking Bible for an individual or group in their heart language with instruction on how to use it and share it. It also provides training to local leadership on proper distribution and use of the Talking Bibles, on setting up Talking Bible Listening Groups, and on effective follow-up. 

How it Works

The ministry provides leaders in global communities of oral learners with “talking” Bibles in their native languages. We work with them to foster central meeting places for neighbors to listen to the Word of God.

A planter chooses a community to receive a Talking Bible.

The planter researches the area and designs a plan to reach that community.

A leader in the community is chosen to oversee the playing of the Talking Bible.

The leader plays the Talking Bible each day for 3 to 6 months.

The planter provides pastoral care and follow-up.

Many listeners believe and are baptized. A church is formed.

Those that hear the Word and receive it bear good fruit.

Anyone can be an evangelist!

The Bible or parts of it have been translated in over 2,000 of the world’s languages. Sadly, many of these Bible translations are under-utilized simply because the people for whom they have been translated cannot read. With a little effort, these same translations of the Bible can be audibly recorded as spoken word and made available to all people—even those who cannot read. The spoken word makes possible a new type of evangelist: a non-reading evangelist. You can help take the Gospel to the last remaining unreached people by training and equipping Scripture-hungry non-readers with Talking Bibles.

In our village, we have organized Talking Bible listening groups of six people or more. We have been meeting four times a week. We are listening to the Bible and growing as we become disciples of Jesus.
— Wakala Kowa, Herdsman

Working toward our mission to equip non-readers with a Bible of their own, Talking Bibles has developed sturdy, versatile audio Scripture players that meet the requirements of the mission field.

We began in the 1970s with tape players that could barely hold a full Bible lesson, and we have continually improved the devices as technology develops. Now with the solar-powered Talking Bibles, non-readers in remote villages can listen to a complete Bible in their own language without ever having to purchase batteries.

Quick Facts

The Talking Bible New Testament is available in over 100 languages, and the Old Testament collection is growing. We are always adding to the available languages.

The Talking Bible can store and play a complete Old and New Testament or a single testament if a complete translation is not available to record.

The Talking Bible has been designed for groups of up to 50 people to be able to listen comfortably through the built-in speaker. It can also be plugged into a public address system to reach even more people.

The Talking Bible is about the size and shape of a pocket Bible. It is shaped like a Bible for familiar, comfortable use.

The Talking Bible has been designed to be child safe meaning that there are no small removable parts, and there are no sharp edges which might harm small fingers.

The Talking Bible has been designed to withstand the elements. It is water resistant with a built-in mylar speaker. It has been vibration tested, heat and humidity tested and drop tested. Very rarely do we get one back from the mission field.

The beauty of the Talking Bible lies in its simplicity. Turn it on and it plays the Word of God! It is designed for daily Bible listening, and it always starts where you left off yesterday.

Talking Bibles to You

Talking Bibles International originally produced our audio player for internal use only. We have a distribution chain that spreads out onto several continents to local pastors, evangelists, and partner organizations. This is our primary mission. Over the years other organizations and individuals have come to us asking to use our audio player, and we have obliged. We love that other churches, charities, and individuals are equipping nonreaders with Talking Bibles through their ministries.

To ensure that we can remain focused on our mission, Talking Bibles International does not sell Talking Bibles or provide support for Talking Bibles obtained via retail. If you would like to purchase Talking Bibles for your personal or ministry use, please visit our commercial partner, Talking Bibles to You.