Talking Bible Sunday appeals to churches everywhere by recognizing the need to provide the spoken Word to non-readers.

It is an excellent opportunity and format to share the enormous challenge of making the Bible available in audio form to believers and persons who are pre-literate, semi-literate and are more inclined to get information by voice than by reading.

The device we make available through Talking Bibles International is a durable, reliable, affordable and effective tool for making the living Word of God accessible in audio form. We believe your involvement with us will greatly boost the Talking Bible movement to make the Lord’s word available in audio form to millions of people around the world who would not normally have access to a Bible.

Why host a Talking Bible Sunday at your church?

Our objective is the following:

  1. Increase awareness of the need for Talking Bibles in a world where one billion adults cannot read! Among this large number of non-readers are many new believers. Unless they HEAR the Word of God in their own language, they will never become strong in their faith or effective Disciples of Christ nor effective witnesses to others. The opportunity to reach the unreached non-readers with the Gospel is urgent.
  2. Demonstrate the Talking Bible to the congregation. The Talking Bible has the entire New Testament sealed inside a player and is in the listener’s own language. Instead of opening the Bible to read it, the non-reader pushes a button to HEAR it. The Talking Bible has the advantage of giving the non-reader a unit that LOOKS like the Bible and projects digital quality sound so up to 200 people can hear and understand the Gospel.
  3. Provide your congregation the opportunity to donate funds to place Talking Bibles overseas. For Talking Bibles to be made available in multiple languages, authentic translations of the New Testament need to be recorded, formatted and duplicated. This important task requires the financial support of thousands of churches and individuals. Hosting a Talking Bibles Sunday at your church can truly make a difference.

What is in the Talking Bibles Sunday kit?

  1. Talking Bibles will send you a kit with materials to make it easy and enjoyable for your church to observe a Talking Bible Sunday.
  2. The kit will include three brief DVD’s and a Power Point presentation which you can share with your leaders or with your entire congregation in whatever way is most helpful.
  3. Your church will have a FREE Talking Bible to demonstrate to your congregation on your Talking Bible Sunday. This Talking Bible will be yours to keep so that you can use it in various ways in your own ministry.
  4. When you demonstrate the Talking Bible, it is important to point out that the Talking Bible is designed primarily for daily, sequential Bible listening by people who are not able to read. The Talking Bible makes it possible to listen repeatedly to favorite passages.
  5. Provide an opportunity for the congregation to make a donation to send Talking Bibles over-seas. If a particular country or people group will receive the Talking Bibles, we can include a few slides for the Talking Bibles Sunday Power Point presentation.

To learn more about the Talking Bibles Sunday, please contact us and ask for Partner Relations.