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Planned Giving

We are a member of Barnabas Foundation!

An organization that provides Christ-centered Estate Planning and Planned Giving expertise to generous believers around the country, just like you.

As one of our supporters, you have access to their services at no cost and with no obligation.

Talking Bibles partners with Barnabas Foundation to offer our supporters complimentary planning services and assistance with complex gifts, such as stock, real estate, retirement assets and business interests.

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They’ll help you…

• Understand the giving options available to you, in a way that is clear and easy to comprehend.

• Review your will to help ensure it reflects your family and charitable goals.

• Give stock, real estate, commodities or other non-cash gifts while reducing your taxes.

• Make gifts that provide your family with retirement income for life.

• Establish a Stewards Fund (donor-advised fund) account to streamline and simplify your giving.


Are you looking for help in planning for your family’s future? We partner with Barnabas Foundation to provide planning services tailored to each family situation at no cost. View this video to see how Barnabas Foundation works with Christians like you.



Discover how a generous lifestyle impacts future generations and the importance of growing generosity.


Learn More

Learn how you can multiply the impact of your generosity in smart and powerful ways. Call Sue Wagenveld, Talking Bibles Partner Relations Supervisor, at (760) 745-8105 or contact us by email, or contact Barnabas Foundation directly at (888) 448-3040.