A Tribute to Our Founder

It is with both joy and sadness that Talking Bibles International of Escondido, CA announces the passing of its founder, Dr. Harvey T. Hoekstra, on Saturday, February 10 at age 97.

Harvey and his wife, Lavina, served as missionaries with the Reformed Church of America for 40 years. They first served in the Sudan and Ethiopia for 30 years and then in India and Asia for 10 years. While in Africa, he translated the New Testament into the Anuak language.  Harvey made significant advancements of the Gospel through Bible translation and production of audio Bibles.

Harvey founded Talking Bibles International in 1989 (formerly, Audio Scriptures International). He is the father of Mark and Paul Hoekstra, who continue to serve as President and Vice President at its headquarters in Escondido, CA. Lavina preceded Dr. Hoekstra in death in 2010.  Dr. Hoekstra is survived by his children: Dennis, James, David, Carol, Mark, and Paul, 17 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren.

Dr. Hoekstra’s heart for audio recordings of Scripture into the language of the unreached people of East Africa became his signature passion and purpose when he discovered that once a Bible translation was completed, the problem of illiteracy remained. From this, he set upon a life-long journey that would eventually lead to the orality movement in missions and the development of the Talking Bible which has brought the living Word of God to some of the most unreached and impoverished tribes in the world.

“Harvey was a pioneering missionary and maintained his focus on bringing the Word of the Lord to people who need to hear.  Though he will be deeply missed, the ministry will continue with God’s help,” said Mark Hoekstra, President of Talking Bibles International.

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Talking Bibles International thanks you for your support and prayers in celebration of the life and work of Dr. Harvey T. Hoekstra.

Click here to hear the Anuak recording of God’s Word

Click here to hear Harvey read from his book, From “Knotted Strings” to Talking Bibles

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