Dear Friends,

They came from all over India! Missionaries from every Indian state were in attendance at the 2016 Talking Bibles National Conference. All 29 state representatives gathered in Vijayawada to listen and share their stories.

These men are working on the front line where the light of the Gospel message is encountering an evil kingdom holding people in bondage to idol worship.

At this conference a pastor representing the Andaman Islands had some fascinating stories to share with the others. I met Pastor Rosaiah three years ago along with 20 other pastors who are using Talking Bibles to minister to fisherman and their families living among the Andaman Islands.

Pastor Rosaiah shared about a woman who had been in bondage to a spirit that had her worshiping a snake god. She built a small temple for the snake next to her house. There she would chant and worship the snake god every day.

Often ant hills are turned into temples to worship their snake gods.

One day her neighbor started playing a Talking Bible. Early in the morning she would hear it playing next door. At first she would chant louder and louder because she didn’t want to hear it.  But slowly she chanted softer and less as she began to listen. “What was it saying?” she wondered.

Then, one evening, she slithered into her neighbor’s house on her stomach, stood up and did a cobra dance like the snake she worshiped. The neighbors said, “We prayed for her from 8 pm until 3 am, when the spirit
finally came out of her and she was healed.”  

Not only did the snake demon leave, but a bleeding wound on her leg that the doctors could not help her with was gone!

She woke up in her neighbor’s house confused and dazed, but healed!  Now she is baptized!  Pastor Rosaiah said this caused quite a commotion in the community as the word got out that she had been healed by God.

By the time the conference was over, the missionaries departed with a renewed energy and new friends with whom to face the battle.  Talking Bibles are being carried to and shared in the far reaches of India, from the north east tribes to the Andaman Islands.  God’s Word is alive and spreading all throughout India! 

Because they need to hear,

Mark S. Hoekstra
President, Talking Bibles International

"Where can we find these Bibles that speak our language?"

The overwhelming response and demand for the Borana Talking Bible is presenting a great opportunity to reach these people for Christ!

Borana Talking Bible Distribution

Borana Talking Bible Distribution

2016 Plan

  • 2,000 Talking Bibles
  • 100,00 Listeners
  • 300 New Areas


  • 250 Talking Bibles
  • 13,000 Listeners
  • 100 Villagers


  • 243 Talking Bibles

Kala village is typical for the Borana villages in rural Ethiopia.  There is a mixture of faiths, but only a small number of Christians.  Very few people can read.

There is a small church in Kala village, and one person can read the Bible when they gather.  If he is away, the Christians are not able to hear God’s Word.

Recently the church received two Talking Bibles. They are amazed to hear God speak to them in their own language any time they want.  One woman from their church wanted to teach her children about God, but she never had the opportunity to learn to read.  Now she is thrilled to listen and share the Talking Bible with her children.

The Borana people have great respect for their elders.  In their culture, when an elder is speaking, everyone is quiet and listening.  Before the Talking Bible came, many villagers rejected the Gospel because they did not hear it from someone with authority.

But when they listen to the Talking Bible, the Borana people listen as if an elder is talking. When the Talking Bible is playing, God is speaking to them.  People are hearing and responding to His Voice.  Everyone wants to hear it.  Both believers and non-believers are eager to listen.

There are many new believers.  The Christians in Kala village have formed groups to listen to the Talking Bible.  They meet before and after work, as well as during coffee time.  People who had attended church and fallen away are now active in the church once again.

Praise God for the power of His Word and the dramatic change in Kala village.

Wario's Changed Life

Wario cannot read or write. He was born and lives in a small village in Ethiopia, where he farms and raises cattle. Neither his wife nor his nine children can read. They knew nothing about God before they received a Talking Bible.

When he first heard a Talking Bible, he was amazed! "It made my life more clear," he remembers, "Since I heard the Talking Bible, I have become a believer in Jesus Christ." Hearing God's Word in his own language helped convince him that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. All the members of Wario's family are now born again except for one son. Wario is still praying for his son's salvation.

Please help us place Talking Bibles into the homes of people who have never heard God's Word. They need to hear what Jesus has done for them.

Real stories of God changing lives with Talking Bibles!