The Story of Mateus

The Story of Mateus

For over 30 years and because of donors like you, Talking Bibles has been sharing God’s Word with non-readers. Partners like you share a desire to fulfill the great commission and ensure all people have access to God’s Word.

Your support has helped place Talking Bibles with non-readers so they can hear the Word of God in their heart language.

Our partners are the heart and soul of Talking Bibles. We succeed in our mission to serve the Lord Jesus Christ by giving non-readers around the world an audio Bible in their own language because of people like you.

Every time you pick up your Bible and read, you are experiencing God’s Word. If you couldn’t read, the words on the page would mean nothing to you. Most of the people we serve would never have access to a Bible without a Talking Bible. They can’t read.

I hope you received our post card recently. The image was a young boy with his arms terribly burned. His story is shocking and yet hopeful. Because of partners like you this boy has a new life in Jesus. Please take a moment to reflect on the impact you can have if you support Talking Bibles.

This is that boy’s story.

In 2007, Mateus was 14 years old and a thief. By his own words, he was, “Not living the way God would have me live, I was a thief and a liar involved in all kinds of bad things.”

The consequences of his criminal life caught up with Mateus after he stole from neighbors one too many times. He was severally beaten and had his hands held in a fire until his fingers burned off. He was surprised they did not immediately kill him. Others were surprised he lived through the burning.

A missionary took Mateus to a hospital for burn treatment. Since the boy’s family could neither care for nor protect him, a local evangelist brought him into his home for healing and ministry. Mateus was given a Talking Bible. By hearing the Word of God for the first time, Mateus learned God has a plan for his life that does not include being a criminal. He dedicated his life to Jesus Christ.

Mateus found his Talking Bible spoke truths he had never heard before. “I heard for the first time that I’m not supposed to lie, I’m not supposed to kill, and I’m not supposed to steal,” Mateus remembered, “I now know those things.” Mateus thanked God for what listening to Scripture has done for him, “Without hearing God’s Words I would never have changed, I would still be a thief, and worse.”

As he spoke of forgiving his family and the neighbors that burned him, he said, “I can now love my neighbor as myself as I learn to turn my cheek to what has been done to me.”

When asked if he would be willing to give up his Talking Bible, Mateus was startled. “No, you cannot take it!” he responded firmly.

Even though this testimony is from a number of years ago, it is still an important one. In a culture where children are sometimes burned and disfigured as punishment, God’s Word heals hearts and shows the way to forgiveness. Learning how to live by Jesus’ teaching changed Mateus’s life, and it can transform whole villages, too. It gives people hope for the future.

This is just one boy’s experience with a Talking Bible. There are thousands of people who desperately want and need an experience with God. But we can’t provide Talking Bibles to all of them without help—without you. Will you give a gift to help place Talking Bibles?

Sponsoring a Talking Bible or Talking Bible Listening Group is a way for you to reach non-believers and those without access to God’s Word. You don’t even have to travel or learn a new language! We already have the system to place the Talking Bibles with non-readers. We have local pastors and evangelists ready to answer questions and disciple the listeners. This is your opportunity to make an incredible difference in a non-reader’s life.

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