End of 2017!

You made this possible!

With your partnership, we have placed thousands of Talking Bibles this year into homes where people cannot read. 

Many of these people have never heard of God or His saving grace before. The Talking Bible is their first exposure to the Good News.

Nagaraju is a fisherman from India. He has been working since he was a youth and never had a formal education. He cannot read and likely never will. Two years ago, he received a Talking Bible. He began listening to the Bible for the first time in his life and soon believed in Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He now has access to God’s Word and knows the hope of Christ. Read more of Nagaraju's story →

Other new listeners are already Christians but know very little about Jesus Christ. Because they cannot read, they cannot learn from a Bible and grow in their faith.

Lakshmi has been attending church for many years. Before getting a Talking Bible, she only heard God’s Word in church or if she could find someone to read the Bible to her. She told us how she would forget what it said since she heard it so rarely. Now she listens to her Talking Bible every day! She is learning and growing in her faith.

Refugees from South Sudan arrive at the refugee camps having lost everything including family members—even children. They are devastated. As much as they need food and water, they need the Word of God. God’s Word can heal, encourage forgiveness, and give meaning to their lives.

Nadia lost her husband and family in the civil war in South Sudan. She had lost the will to live, refusing to move or eat. Christian workers tried to help, but she had lost all hope. 

Finally, a pastor placed a Talking Bible next to her and played God’s Word. Several days passed. While Nadia layed there listening, God softened her heart. She forgave the men who killed her husband and children. Through her hearing the Word, the Holy Spirit healed her anger and gave her the strength to get up and walk with Him. Read more about her changed life →

Without your partnership this year, many thousands of people would not have God’s Word. You are helping to share His life-giving mercy to non-readers around the world giving them hope. You are giving them ability to share their faith with their family and friends around them who don’t know the Good News.

If you have not already made a year-end gift, will you prayerfully consider making one today? Whether it’s your pocket change or a sacrificial gift, you will make a difference in the lives of non-readers.

Give today and give God's Word to a non-reader.