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Our Stories

Our Stories Mary holding her Talking Bible in front of a mud hut. Our Stories

Pastor Ram Pastor Ram and his wife holding a Talking Bible. Pastor Ram

“The church needs the Bible. For us, it comes in this Talking Bible in which both the non-Christians and the Christians learn about who Jesus is and what He means for them,” Ram says.

Preeti Preeti, and Indian woman, holding a Talking Bible Preeti

Holding her Talking Bible, Preeti says she has learned so much from listening.

Sisa Sisa is a young man in Ethiopia. Sisa

Sisa is a young man in Ethiopia. He is a farmer and can’t read or write.

Green Chutney Indian family cooking in a dirt floor hut with animals. Green Chutney

You don’t have to eat green chutney to share the Gospel.

Neva Neva holding a Talking Bible. Neva

Five years since the conflict began in South Sudan, over 4 million people have been forcibly displaced.

Sobita Sobita, and Indian woman with gold nose rings, holding a Talking Bible. Sobita

God’s Spirit is moving through India, from person to person, and home to home, through the Talking Bible.

Deva Deva holding a Talking Bible. Deva

Deva, a man from India, faced persecution for his Christian faith, but refused to back down.

Tunu Duva Tunu Duva holding a Talking Bible. Tunu Duva

Tunu Duva lives in a village in Ethiopia where very few people can read.

Nagaji Nagaji holding a Talking Bible. Nagaji

“He is the healer, the new-life giver,” Nagaji says about Jesus. Now he is not only a farmer in Rajasthan, but a child of God.

Opse Bdane Opse holding a Talking Bible in front of a wall with a red cross drawn on it. Opse Bdane

Opse Bdane shared the Talking Bible with her husband and four children; they are all believers now.

Hakrumuna Hakrumuna in a corn field holding a Talking Bible Hakrumuna

Hakrumuna only went to school for a few years as a child, so he can’t read the Bible for himself.

Abuya Abuya in her village Abuya

Growing up near a mission station in Ethiopia, Abuya learned about Jesus at a young age. Though she used to read, her eyesight is now failing and she can no longer read a Bible.