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Our Stories

Our Stories Pastor Kumar holding a Talking BIble. Our Stories

Hakrumuna Hakrumuna in a corn field holding a Talking Bible Hakrumuna

Hakrumuna only went to school for a few years as a child, so he can’t read the Bible for himself.

Abuya Abuya in her village Abuya

Growing up near a mission station in Ethiopia, Abuya learned about Jesus at a young age. Though she used to read, her eyesight is now failing and she can no longer read a Bible.

Rebecca Rebecca smiles and holds up her Talking Bible Rebecca

Rebecca and many in her community in the refugee camp are understanding many things about God. Even though they can’t read, they can listen together. Rebecca began to change when she understood God’s love for her.

Martha Martha smiles and holds up Talking Bible near some laundry hanging to dry Martha

Martha is excited about what the Talking Bible offers her and her husband, but she is also excited about how she can use it for others. Many friends and strangers have asked her how they can get one. “If you provide more, we will distribute more!”

Elizabeth Elizabeth

As the pastor’s wife, she knows a lot about God. But she never went to school, so she is not able to read the Bible for herself.

Roy Roy holds his Talking Bible Roy

This former monk is evangelizing non-readers with Talking Bibles.

Evans Evans

Evans obeyed God’s call. Now, many in his area call him “the man of God.”

Arshad Arshad

Arshad was an abusive drunk. His family feared him. Arshad’s life was spiraling out of control.

Akech Akech

Akech’s daughter recently died. Akech could not stop thinking about her. She was grieving and thinking she would lose her life also.

Sukhijit Sukhijit

“Everyone in our village practiced the same traditional religion, so we wrongly believed our son Jaswinder was rejecting us and everything about us,” the mother admits.

Sara Sara

Sara lives in Gambella Region, Ethiopia. She came from Sudan as a refugee in 1991. Her husband raises cattle, and they have five children. Sara can read, but not well. Few people in her community can read a Bible.

Tera Devi Tera Devi

When Tera Devi was baptized she began asking God for a Bible to study. Tera is an illiterate woman from a low caste family. Tera says God answered her prayer with a Talking Bible through circumstances she would never have imagined or hoped for.