They are pleading for more!

More Talking Bibles are needed in Yonus’ village.

“Everyone is asking to play it in their homes,” says Yonus.

Yonus is a pastor in Ethiopia. He has just one Talking Bible. “Who should I give it to?” Is his big question.

Yonus has found many ways to share his Talking Bible, but the question remains. Who should hear it next?

Yonus has been trying to bless his whole community with just one Talking Bible in the Dirayta language.

New mothers are high on his list. Where Yonus lives, it’s common for people to visit new mothers after giving birth. Yonus lets these new mothers borrow his Talking Bible for just one week so they can play it for their visitors.

“So, people are coming to visit and stay and listen to the Talking Bible."

At the local store, you can hear the Talking Bible. A member of Yonus’ church owns a small shop. When the mothers don’t have the Talking Bible, he is able to play the Talking Bible for people coming to his shop.

The people who visit the store say, “What is this?” They will often stay to listen and want to know more.

At the Reconciliation Gatherings, people hear the Talking Bible. When the elders in the village meet with groups of people in conflict to discuss problems, they play the Word of God out loud for all to hear. “At these Reconciliation Gatherings, the Talking Bible is played. They do not argue or fight with each other anymore.” Yonus says.

Yonus wants everyone to hear the Talking Bible. But how? One way is to play the Talking Bible for the neighbors around his church by holding a microphone to the Talking Bible. He can broadcast God’s Words using a small speaker. Hearing God’s Word draws his neighbors out, and they ask to hear more. But there are still others who need to hear.

More than half of Yonus’ church cannot read. They need more Talking Bibles!

“We have a shortage – and if we had more, we could also share it with teachers and community leaders who are asking for it to play with their neighbors,” Yonus explained.

People are begging to hear God’s Word; will you help them hear?

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