For over 20 years Pastor Raju has been in the same place, amongst the same people, reaching them for Christ. His church is full of people who have believed the good news about Jesus.

Pastor Raju has a heart and a passion to teach the people about God, but how can he teach them; he has no discipleship material for the illiterate village folks that he has brought to Christ?

Your gift can change that!

Many of the people in Pastor Raju’s church are day laborers. They often are exhausted at the end of a long day. So, the Talking Bible allows them to listen to the scriptures while finally being able to rest.

“The Talking Bible is the best way!” Pastor Raju says.

Through Pastor Raju’s years of experience, he has seen the hunger in the new believers to know what the Bible says. Over time, Pastor Raju says, this hunger to know what the Bible says grows and grows!

The people in Pastor Raju’s church who cannot read want to know what the Bible says but they cannot read it for themselves.

Your gift will change that! Pastor Raju needs 50 more Talking Bibles; one for each family.

With a Talking Bible, everyone in the home will have access to the precious Words of the Bible in their own language.

They can’t read, but they can listen. You can be a real blessing to someone who wants to know what the Bible says!

For a single $50.00 gift from you, we can give Pastor Raju one Talking Bible. He will place your Talking Bible into the home of someone living near Kotha Majeru, a remote village in India.

The villages around Pastor Raju’s church are full of people who want to know more about Jesus and what His Word says. You can help them with your gift of just one Talking Bible.

These people, with the help of the Talking Bible you give them, will share the Good News about Jesus with people who have yet to hear about Jesus.

See what Pastor Raju says about the Talking Bible. “These Bibles are a wonderful tool for my ministry and believers. And during this time of COVID, when regular gathering isn’t always allowed, it’s good for people to be able to listen in their houses.” Pastor Raju says.

“My great desire and hope are that many people would know Jesus and come to church due to these Talking Bibles.” Says Pastor Raju.

Thank you for providing Talking Bibles to God’s faithful people all over the world. Because of people like you, God’s Word is spreading all over India. What a blessing to be a part of His wonderful plan to reach the nation of India.

Your gift will give pastors like Raju the chance to bless God’s people. Please, give the gift of a Talking Bible today!

Your help is needed in India!

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