Agnes has been attending church for many years. She considers herself a Christian. She’s a wife and a mother. And she’s a refugee from South Sudan, now living in a camp in Uganda.

Many people living in the camp do not have access to banks or other financial services. Out of need, many people will join or form savings and credit groups in their community. Group members can borrow and loan money to one another.

Agnes joined a financial group for women. The leader of the group loves Jesus. And she lets everyone know. She is always praying, sharing the gospel, and playing the scriptures on her Talking Bible. As Agnes listened to the scriptures, she realized that she wasn’t actually a believer like she thought she was.

Even though she has been attending church for many years, something in Agnes’ heart was still hard toward God. “When I realized that my heart was too hard, I knew my heart needed to be softened by the Word of God,” she says.

Listening to God’s Word ministered to Agnes’ spirit– and convicted her. Agnes decided to accept Jesus and really follow Him. She became closer friends with her group leader, who became like a mentor to her. As they talked about Jesus, Agnes learned that she was lacking a lot. “‘So,’ I thought, ‘Let me change!’” she shares.

And she did. Agnes’ new openness to God’s Word led to great changes in her life. And these changes were rippling into the people around her. Agnes’ husband began to notice the difference in her, and she recognized changes in him because of it.

Once a home full of shouting and unrest, they now experience a peace in their house that never existed before. Although Agnes’ husband and oldest son don’t know Christ as their savior, they are learning more about Him through her and the Talking Bible. She is praying that they will someday soon give themselves to Jesus.

Agnes’ story reminds us that God is always present, even in community banking groups! Because Agnes’ leader was eagerly sharing the gospel and playing her Talking Bible, Agnes was exposed to scripture on more than just Sundays. She could hear God’s Word and be moved by His Spirit outside of church.

When you support Talking Bibles, you are reaching more than just the recipient. Each Talking Bible is given to an individual, but each individual belongs to a family and a community– or a banking group! The Word of God is alive and well, and many will be blessed by one Talking Bible.

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