Priayanka’s story reminds us that there are followers of Christ in hard-to-reach places, who are ready and able to share God’s Word when they have the right tools.

Unlike many in her area, Priayanka attended school. She can read, but the rest of her family cannot. She knows that being able to read is an advantage, especially when it comes to the Bible.

When she was given a Talking Bible, she quickly realized how easily she can use it to share the Gospel with others. She immediately started playing her Talking Bible for friends and family. Now, many are learning about Jesus!

In Priayanka’s culture, it is difficult for a young woman to go against the beliefs of her family. But with the Talking Bible, Priayanka doesn’t have to say anything. She just has to press play, and the Holy Spirit does the work while her family listens.

As a young girl, Priayanka questioned the gods she was taught to worship. They were confusing. She began to wonder who the real God is, and she wasn’t satisfied by her religion. Then she heard about Jesus.

Priayanka knows that Jesus is the true God. And she wants all of her friends and family to know that too! Because of her faithfulness and boldness, her whole family now worships Jesus with her.

Priayanka is always listening to God’s Word on her Talking Bible. She can’t get enough of it! While doing housework, and even in her free time, she plays her Talking Bible. The best part is that anyone around her can listen too! She often invites neighbors to join her. There, in Priayanka’s home, while sweeping floors or making dinner, her neighbors hear the story of God’s saving grace.

Through gentle discipleship, Priayanka is seeing her friends and family come to know Jesus. Day by day, they hear more of the Gospel while she faithfully plays her Talking Bible.

“He is my Father, my Savior, my Creator,” says Priayanka with a smile. Learning about Jesus changed Priayanka’s life. She knows the power of the Gospel. And she knows that the Talking Bible will share the Gospel with others who can’t read it for themselves.

Priayanka believes that the Talking Bible is invaluable to other new believers like her—or even non-believers like her neighbors. “When reading, we understand and imagine,” she explains. “But when listening, it’s like speaking with someone face-to-face.”

Because Priayanka has a Talking Bible, everyone around her is blessed. And Priayanka is blessed too! The Talking Bible allows her to grow in understanding and boldness as she shares her faith with others.

Though Priayanka can read, many cannot. How will they learn about the true God if they cannot access a Bible?

By partnering with Talking Bibles, you are making a way for all people to have the advantage of hearing the Gospel. Readers and non-readers alike will know about God’s love and salvation. Please, give the gift of God’s Word today.

Give the gift of God’s Word today!

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