When Pastor Jyothi visited a friend’s church, he saw a Talking Bible for the first time. He knew that his church needed Talking Bibles too.

The majority of the members of Jyothi’s church cannot read. Typically, this is not a problem, since most of them work in rice fields or at the local brick factory. They don’t need to read to do their jobs.

But when Jyothi tries to teach and disciple his congregation through Scripture, the barrier of illiteracy becomes a problem.

Just a few months ago, Jyothi’s church received Telugu Talking Bibles, and they’re already making a difference! Pastor Jyothi noticed that, before the Talking Bible, the most uneducated members of his church were usually the most discouraged.

Since they couldn’t read and study the Bible, they felt like they could never fully participate in church. They didn’t see themselves as qualified for ministry or sharing the gospel with others.

Now, all of that has changed. Those same people who were once discouraged are now feeling encouraged and empowered by their new access to the Bible. They no longer feel like outsiders at church. What an excited and long-awaited gift! Finally, they too can know God’s Word.

The Talking Bibles at Jyothi’s church are reaching unbelievers in the area too!

Those who work in the rice fields and at the brick factories bring their Talking Bibles with them. They slip the Talking Bible right into their shirt pocket and let it play the Scriptures aloud while they work.

Many are hearing the gospel because of the multitudes of non-readers at Jyothi’s church. Unbelievers who hear God’s Word are curious to know more. They are even asking for their own Talking Bibles!

Pastor Jyothi has always had a burden to strengthen those believers who have strayed from God. Without being able to read the Bible, it is too easy for believers to grow discouraged and walk away. Jyothi knows that Talking Bibles are essential for believers who cannot read. He’s seen the difference they make.

Pastor Jyothi hopes that everyone who listens to their Talking Bible will become sturdy in their faith, standing firm in their beliefs, and encouraging others to join them. He’s already seeing this happen in the lives of his congregants.

When you partner with Talking Bibles International, you are supporting churches like Jyothi’s in India. His church was full of non-readers, aching to know God’s Word. They wanted to share the good news of Jesus, but they didn’t know how.

Now that they have Talking Bibles, their faith is strengthened. They can study and know God’s promises and commands. They are sharing the gospel with their neighbors. This is what happens when the people of God have access to His Word.

2021 is almost over, and God is continuing to move in villages like this one all over India. You can encourage fellow believers by giving the gift of a Talking Bible. They so desperately want to know God’s Word. You can help. Will you give the gift of God’s Word to non-reading believers today?

Will you give the gift of God’s Word to non-reading believers today?

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