Happy Thanksgiving!

We are so thankful for you and for all that you do to give non-readers the chance to hear God’s Word on a Talking Bible.

Thank you! Thank you for your partnership, your generosity, and your prayers.

Have you ever wondered how the Talking Bibles are distributed? How do they get to those remote villages? Today, I want you to meet Raj. He is a very important part of the Talking Bible ministry.

Raj is a District Coordinator. They do the actual work of giving out Talking Bibles to non-readers in India.

India has 739 districts. Talking Bibles International has hundreds of District Coordinators like Raj all over India! These are men and women who are dedicated to sharing the gospel with the people in their regions.

Raj lives in a coastal, eastern state in India. He was born into a Christian home, but it was a long time before he really decided to follow Christ. Raj wanted to be a police officer; however, God had a different plan for him.

“She is a very prayerful woman,” Raj says of his mother. His mom prayed faithfully for Raj to follow Jesus and for God to call him to mission work.

Raj answered the call.

For the last 20 years, Raj has been working to share the gospel. He has been beaten for his faith. He has been imprisoned for sharing the Good News about Jesus. Yet, he still has a deep desire to bring people to know Jesus.

Raj is the pastor of two, healthy congregations. There, the sick find healing. The lost are saved, and lives are turned upside-down by the Good News of Jesus.

When Raj was first introduced to the Talking Bible, he immediately started using them to minister to the blind. He says the audio Bibles have proven to be very useful for the blind.

He also uses them to witness to the non-believers in his community. To these people, attending church is taboo, and many will not go even if they are curious. Instead, they’ll listen to the Talking Bible in the privacy of their own home.

Even though they will not attend Raj’s church, they will go to his house to discuss what they heard on the Talking Bible.

Hungry for more information about what they have heard, they will talk with Raj. Many times, they will even pray with Raj.

Raj’s hope is that Talking Bibles will be used in every village in his district. He plans to saturate his area with Talking Bibles. Will you help?

Talking Bibles International is on a mission to place 1 Talking Bible in every village of India by 2033. This will only be possible with your partnership!

There are over 700 District Coordinators, like Raj, who are currently placing Talking Bibles into the homes of non-readers all over India. They’re ready for more Talking Bibles!

Join our Reaching a Nation campaign! Together we can reach the nation of India with the power of God’s spoken Word available in the heart language of non-readers.

When you give today, you are giving the gift of God’s Word to those who are desperate to hear it!

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