“Bless those who help us get Talking Bibles!” she says.

Achan has lived a hard life– harder than most of us can imagine. She lives in Ethiopia now, but she and her family used to live far away. They were forced to leave their home due to ethnic violence and conflict. She faced a lot of pain and loss, but she knows God never left her.

Being far from home, Achan finds comfort in listening to God’s Word on her Talking Bible. She shares that hope and comfort with others.

Several women in the village walk to Achan’s house. It’s early in the day, and she invited them to a coffee ceremony. Everyone gathers around her while she roasts the fresh coffee beans.

They usually talk about their families or discuss community happenings, but today is different. Today Achan is playing a story from her Talking Bible. Everyone is quiet as they listen.

The coffee ceremony is seen as a spiritual ritual. The host and guests believe their spirits go through a transformation during each round of coffee. But again, today is different.

Today, hearing the story about Jesus transforms the spirits of those listening in a new way.

“I would only hear the Talking Bible at church on Sundays,” says Achan. “Once I received [a Talking Bible], I would listen and share it at our coffee ceremony.”

A traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony can last over two hours. It’s a time for community members to gather and fellowship. Playing the Talking Bible at a coffee ceremony is like hosting a Bible study.

“I have a group of six to ten that listen to the Talking Bible together while we drink coffee. All we do is listen to it and talk about what we heard,” Achan explains. “The older ones just listen. Some who can read follow along.”

Achan sharing her Talking Bible

Achan’s listening group started with the Gospel of Matthew and listened all the way through the New Testament. For several hours at a time, several days a week, these women listen and discuss God’s Word. What a powerful gathering!

“Bless those who produce the Talking Bible. God bless them and their supporters. We want to have one always, especially because many have eyesight problems.” Out of immense gratitude, Achan sheds a tear.

By supporting Talking Bibles, you are helping to create opportunities for non-readers to be transformed by listening to God’s Word. The women who gather to listen to Scripture at Achan’s coffee ceremonies are going home to their families with renewed spirits.

Having God’s Word in her heart language is so important to Achan and her family. When Achan first received her own Talking Bible, she was so excited that she listened to it until she fell asleep! Now she shares God’s Word with others with the same excitement. Your support helps to give the gift of God’s Word to her village. Thank you!

One Talking Bible will transform a life!

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