“Some people are coming again and again to listen.”

In a simple act of faith, Mongalsing the shopkeeper plays his Talking Bible for everyone to hear.

Mongalsing lives in an area famous for its temples and palaces. His own store may not be extravagant or even beautiful, but it is holy ground. It’s a place where God’s Word is played from a Talking Bible.

The Gospel changed Mongalsing’s life, and he wants others to experience it too! So, he plays the Talking Bible out loud for all who pass by to hear.

If you have never heard of Jesus in Mongalsing’s busy village, the bustle of city life—crowds walking, bikes passing, cars honking—is not going to stop you.

From inside a shop, you’ll hear an unfamiliar voice, speaking a familiar language, telling a story of a God who loves people. And it’s coming from a small, black book on the counter.

When Mongalsing’s pastor was giving out Talking Bibles he knew his family needed one. The non-readers in his village aren’t the only ones who need to hear the Bible. Mongalsing personally needed to as well.

Mongalsing and his wife never had a Bible before. They can’t read, so they’ve never really had a use for a Bible—even though they are Christians. When Mongalsing and his wife got a Talking Bible, that all changed. Now they have a Bible they can listen to.

He and his wife started listening to the Talking Bible at home, and they both noticed a difference in their marriage. “Before, we didn’t have good relations or good talking in the family,” says Mongalsing.

“But now we are getting better at loving each other. By listening to the Word and praying, through God, our relation is better. Even our relationship with others!”

Mongalsing wants everyone to experience this. That’s why he plays the Talking Bible in his store. He usually chooses to play the Gospel of John, mostly because it’s his favorite. “It shows us that Jesus can do anything!” exclaims Mongalsing. “Whatever happens, Jesus will provide.”

While his guests listen, he encourages them to ask questions. And he does his best to answer them, sharing his own story of what God has done for him.

Not only is the Talking Bible the first Bible Mongalsing has of his own, it’s likely the only Bible the guests who visit his store will have access to. Human hearts long to hear the Word of God. When it’s available, they will listen. When they listen, their lives will be changed. Will you give a gift that will change a life?

When you support Talking Bibles, you are giving believers and non-readers the gift of the Word of God. That is priceless. By partnering with us today, Christians will have access to the Bible, non-readers will hear the promises of God, and unbelievers will learn that Jesus is their Savior.

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