Taban lost both of his parents because of ethnic conflict in his home country. Now he and his siblings are on their own in a refugee camp far from their home.

There are many others in the camp who have lost loved ones just like Taban. Anger is not uncommon. “Being alone in the camp is so painful,” he says. “You have to forgive.”

Taban learned about the power of forgiveness from listening to his Talking Bible. He is sure to pass along this message whenever he has the chance. He will listen to the Talking Bible with his peers at school. He’ll listen with his siblings at home. He’ll even lend it to his neighbors.

“I learned from the Bible that there are no tribes,” he says.

The Talking Bible teaches Taban to embrace community. Even though his parents are gone, Taban is learning to find comfort in his spiritual family.

Having a Bible of his own, Taban finally feels like he understands what he believes. He’s no longer a Christian just because everyone else is. The Talking Bible gives him the opportunity to have his own relationship with Christ. And it strengthens his relationships with others.

“I was going to church before just because other people were going to church,” he explains. “But now I know why I go to church: because I am a believer and we build relationships at church.”

Taban was broken by the loss of his parents and the loss of his home. He was angry and resentful. But listening to the Talking Bible allowed God’s Word to soften Taban’s heart.

Instead of hardening his heart toward others, Taban is sharing the hope of forgiveness. He is telling others about the newness found in Jesus. He is teaching his siblings to put their trust in the Lord.

Taban knows that he doesn’t have to go through life’s trials alone anymore. He has God’s Spirit with him. And he has a family of believers to support him.

Thank you for giving non-readers the hope of God’s Word. Because of your partnership, Taban has a Bible of his own that he can understand! Taban’s Talking Bible taught him what following Jesus truly means.

With a Talking Bible, non-readers are encouraged in their own hearts and are moved to share the love of Christ with others.