Thirty years ago, Mary was a refugee. Forced to leave her war-torn homeland, Mary and many others arrived in Ethiopia to start a fresh life. The refugee camp became her home, and she’s still there.

Today, decades later, their community is being flooded with new refugees.

Even though Mary herself knows the trial and pain of having to leave her home, she found it difficult to care about the new members of her community. Her heart was hard. She did not want to help them.

“Not long ago, I did not care about these refugees or anyone,” Mary explains. The only thing she cared about was that they would buy the alcohol and tobacco that she sells at the market.

Then she heard the Talking Bible. God’s Word softened Mary’s heart and changed the lives of those around her. Now, Mary and her neighbors are sympathetic toward the new refugees. They help those who were displaced to feel like they belong in their new home. Mary comforts those who are troubled and distressed.

“Because I heard this Talking Bible, everything is changed for me,” says Mary. And everyone around her can see it.

Before the Talking Bible, Mary was a drunkard and constantly fought with her neighbors. She even practiced witchcraft, wanting to please the spirits worshiped in her culture. She took advantage of people, and no one wanted to be around her.

The Word of God changed Mary. Now she loves people and worships God. Mary says that hearing God’s Word through Jesus renewed her mind. She is a completely different person now.

“Now I have a new life! My neighbors and I love each other, and I am serving in the church and help the refugees,” Mary exclaims. “I am very happy!”

God’s Word gave Mary a second chance, a new life. Mary’s heart is filled with compassion, and her mind is filled with peace. She worships God with her life. Her neighbors, who she used to treat like enemies, are now her friends. By listening to the Talking Bible, Mary now knows that God uses the trials of her life to build His kingdom.

The Talking Bibles sent to refugee camps reach people like Mary, who have lived long, hard lives of pain and suffering. Yet they welcome the message of hope that Jesus brings.

Mary’s entire life was transformed through hearing the Word of God on a Talking Bible. She is a beacon of God’s love in her community. Will you send more Talking Bibles to those who need to hear the story of God’s great love for them?

The gospel changes everything! The Talking Bible comforts those who are hurting. It offers the message of new life in Jesus. People who live in darkness will come to know the light of Christ through a Talking Bible. Your gift will spread the hope of life in Jesus Christ!

Share the good news of God’s love, and give a Talking Bible today!

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