He suffered an injury that prevented him from working, and he turned to alcohol for comfort. No one wanted to be around him. He constantly fought with others.

While going through hardship with his family, Samson finally broke. There had to be more to this life. He couldn’t live this way any longer. He couldn’t do it alone. So, Samson sought help from the local pastor. There, he learned about Jesus.

God changed Samson’s life, but Samson had no way of reading the Bible.

Thankfully, Samson’s church has a Talking Bible. He borrows it and listens whenever he has the chance. “I can always hear it as an encouragement,” Samson explains. “It is helping me see forward.”

Before following Christ, Samson would get into fights and conflicts with his neighbors. But he’s changed since he started listening to the Talking Bible. “I heard Jesus say, ‘Forgive and you will be forgiven.’ So now I don’t fight,” says Samson. “I have gotten a spirit of perseverance and tolerance.”

What a transformation! Listening to the scriptures on the Talking Bible has taught Samson about the power of forgiveness. Now, instead of quarreling with others, Samson knows that forgiveness is the answer. Because forgiveness is the way of Christ.

Though Samson’s life has changed, he sees his son following the same destructive path he once did. He fights. He drinks. He steals. Samson knows that there is a better way of life now—life with Jesus. He wants his son to know it too.

When Samson is troubled by his son’s choices, he finds comfort in listening to Jesus’ parables with the Talking Bible. Because Jesus has forgiven him for his past mistakes, Samson can be merciful and forgiving toward his own son. Instead of getting angry, he remains calm and makes peace with his family.

“The Talking Bible is giving me encouragement to humble myself and tolerate and pray for my son,” Samson shares.

When Samson first started following Jesus, he didn’t have access to the Bible. He couldn’t grow in his faith or take comfort in God’s promises during struggles. The Talking Bible gave Samson access to the precious words of God.

Comforted. Fulfilled. Loved. Samson has a home in God’s Kingdom. His neighbors notice his new attitude. His family is blessed by his devotion to the Lord. He knows his life has purpose.

Samson’s life has been transformed by the Word of God through the Talking Bible! Even though his life isn’t perfect, Samson now has hope because of Jesus. And his entire community sees the difference God has made in his life. What a testimony!

New believers like Samson need access to God’s Word. Many will only have access if it is through a Talking Bible. They need to hear God’s promises. They need to hear His commandments. They need to hear about His love for them. Only then will they be able to grow in their faith and share it with others.

Will you give new believers around the world access to God’s Word through a Talking Bible? Your gift will give people like Samson the chance to grow in intimacy with God. Please, give the gift of a Talking Bible today!