Jacob knows they need to hear about Jesus, so with just two Talking Bible’s, he’s attempting to change that. Jacob rarely meets people who can read, so they are surprised to find that he has an audio book—and that it speaks their language!

Jacob is an evangelist in India. Every day, he goes from house to house, telling people about the love of God. The people Jacob meets are intrigued by the Talking Bible, and they are curious about the message it tells.

The Talking Bible is viewed as a holy book, so people believe its words are true. Traditionally, the people in Jacob’s community believe in many gods. While they listen to the Talking Bible, they learn for the first time that there is only one God.

Because they come from a religious culture of distant, angry gods, to hear that there is only one God and that He loves them unconditionally is amazing! It’s good news! In fact, it’s the Good News! They want to know more about this God, so Jacob is almost always asked to return to the homes he visits. And, of course, they ask him to bring the Talking Bible.

“A pastor cannot live with someone and read Scripture to them every day. But the Talking Bible is always ready to be played, and it always speaks truth that will change lives,” Jacob says.

Families are able to keep the Talking Bible in their home for a week. There they listen to the scriptures in their own language. Because the Talking Bible tells the story of a God who is so different from the gods they worship, these families invite friends and neighbors to listen with them.

When Jacob returns, he finds a house full of hopeful people with a lot of questions. They are curious about Jesus and want to know what it takes to follow him. So, Jacob tells them about Jesus. He plays more scriptures for them from the Talking Bible. He answers their questions as best as he can. And many realize Jesus is their Savior!

The Talking Bible is life-changing because the Gospel message it carries is true and full of love. It offers hope to people endlessly trying to please gods and idols. Every soul longs to know the One, True God, but how will they ever know Him if they never hear about Him?

Jacob wants more Talking Bibles! He says that “all people change when they hear God’s Word, so both unbelievers and Christians will benefit from hearing Talking Bibles.” Because of this, he wants every family to have a Talking Bible to listen to whenever they want, wherever they are.

Will you send more Talking Bibles to the families in Jacob’s village and others like them around the world?

Right now, Jacob only has two Talking Bibles. He’s already seeing people come to Christ, but imagine what could happen in his village if every family had a Talking Bible of their own? From experience, we’ve seen time and again, that when new believers are given a Talking Bible, they are eager to share the Gospel message with those who have not yet heard the Good News. The Talking Bible reads for them, and lives are changed because of what it says.

Please, give a gift that speaks truth, a gift that will always change lives. Give the gift of God’s Word today, to those who may never know God unless they hear.