Bishop Joshua is a Maasai.

He’s not a warrior like his ancestors. He doesn’t herd cattle like other Maasai. He probably doesn’t even drink raw blood like some Maasai herdsmen do. But he does lead his church, and he uses the Talking Bible to do so.

Though Joshua can read, most of his family and friends cannot. That’s why he’s the storyteller. Right from the Bible, Bishop Joshua tells his congregation the stories of God. And they listen. They love to listen! In fact, the Maasai love speaking and listening to their own language so much that they barely write anything down.

“Even as a bishop, it is hard to read so much,” says Joshua. That’s why he is so happy to get Talking Bibles. “They make it easy. Just listen!” he exclaims.

With his Talking Bible, Bishop Joshua started a small listening group that regularly gathers to listen to God’s Word. He guesses only four or five members have a physical Bible, but he’s doubtful any of them can actually read.

For the Maasai, the Talking Bibles offer a different way to approach scriptures. A better way. The way the Maasai have always done things. And the Talking Bibles have changed the way Bishop Joshua can approach ministry. Now, Joshua doesn’t always have to be reading the Bible to others. He is able to join his congregants in listening and discussing what they hear.

With the Talking Bible, not only is Bishop Joshua’s listening group able to hear scripture in their own language, they get to hear more of it. They get to hear to whole thing! Nothing gets skipped over, not even the genealogies.

“When I ask my people, ‘What have you learned?’” they can answer easily because it is in the Maasai language,” Joshua states.

Because of the Talking Bible, Bishop Joshua and his community are able to hear the Word of God in their own language—a language that they love and are proud of. He hopes that everyone in his listening group can someday have their own Talking Bible to listen to at home with their families.

Thanks to you, Bishop Joshua and the 19 other Maasai pastors he works with have Talking Bibles. They are ready and equipped to share the Gospel with others using God’s spoken Word.

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