God’s Word is the best Christmas gift you can give. God’s Word on a Talking Bible allows non-readers to listen in their heart language and hear God speaking to them directly. And what a difference that can make in their lives!

“This Bible has changed us! We are very happy, “ says Bishop Manyok.

God’s Word changes hearts and minds. It brings peace and hope into the lives of the refugees who have fled the fighting in South Sudan.

Five years ago, Bishop David Manyok was forced to leave his country of South Sudan when fresh fighting broke out.

A leader in the Anglican Church of South Sudan, Bishop Manyok continues his ministry in the Nyumanzi Refugee Camp. For the last two years, he has been pastoring a congregation in the camp. He has also had the opportunity to distribute 50 Talking Bibles into his community.

In the 7th block of the camp, where Bishop Manyok and most of his congregants live, most people are uneducated and unable to read. But they are eager and enthusiastic listeners of the Talking Bible.

Much of the violence in South Sudan that has driven away people like Bishop Manyok stems from tribal tensions between the Nuer and Dinka people groups.

Bishop Manyok thinks the Talking Bible can bring real change to those same people, “This war in our country, the Bible will change hearts. Nuer and Dinka cannot fit well [together]. They are killing each other. But the people who listen to the Word of the Lord cannot kill each other. The blood of Jesus changes people’s hearts!” In Bishop Manyok’s church, there are both Nuer and Dinka people, as well as congregants from other minority groups which have historically been caught in the middle when violence breaks out. They are all gathering together, listening to the scriptures, and learning to love one another.

“Some are not having peace, but this Bible brings them peace,” says Bishop Manyok.

Your Christmas gift can change a life. A Talking Bible can bring peace and hope into the lives of refugees who have already suffered so much. Help us bring God’s Word into their lives and hearts so they can learn to forgive and live together peacefully.

Give the gift of a Talking Bible this Christmas.

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