As we near the end of 2020, we want to thank you for your faithful support of Talking Bibles International. Your generosity has helped us place tens of thousands of Talking Bibles this year into homes where people cannot read.

Abigail also thanks you. She is overjoyed to have access to God’s Word all the time.

“Your God is good,” said Abigail’s neighbors. “He is wonderful!”

Since receiving her Talking Bible three months ago, Abigail and her neighbors listen to God’s Word as they work around their homes. They are learning and growing in their faith every day!

Abigail has made a habit of listening to it with some of her unbelieving friends. They are always interested in listening to the Talking Bible.

She also listens in the evenings with family and neighbors. “Without the Talking Bible we always just watched the television [after finishing housework],” Abigail recounts. “Now we always listen to the Bible together.”

In the short span that she has had the Talking Bible, Abigail has already listened through the entire New Testament. Now she is listening to specific books and passages as she chooses.

In particular, she enjoys the story of Jesus coming to the house of Mary and Martha. As Luke tells it, Martha was anxious about dinner preparations and grew frustrated that her sister, Mary, was listening to Jesus instead of helping. However, by Jesus’ perspective, Mary was actually the one concerned with the more worthy pursuit. “We should be busy with the Word of God,” says Abigail, “not work.”

In addition to listening with her friends and neighbors, Abigail also uses her Talking Bible with her family. Her children often use it as they learn to read, following along in a printed Bible as the Talking Bible plays aloud.

“God gives us a lot of grace. Every time I listen to His Word, He gives me peace of mind,” Abigail says.

As 2020 draws to a close, please make a year-end gift to Talking Bibles. Your gift will be used to place Talking Bibles into homes and villages around the world where non-readers long to have access to the Bible.

Your gift will give joy like Abigail has, now that she can listen to God’s Word.

Thank you for your partnership in spreading the Good News.

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