“Sometimes trials come for us to know God more,” Fredrick Mogusu testifies. “Without trials, you might not know.

Fredrick Mogusu was 23 years old when he first noticed problems with his eyesight. His vision gradually worsened over time, until two years ago he finally went for remedial surgery. The procedure failed, and the two surgeries following it only made his eyesight worse.

In that dark time, Madam Priscilla came into Mogusu’s life. She had been searching for a way to serve her neighborhood of Kibera, in Kenya, in a more personal way when a friend introduced her to Mogusu. She began coming to his house to read the scriptures and pray twice a week, and through that ministry, Mogusu and his whole family became believers. “That is when I learned that God is able,” says Mogusu.

Due to Mogusu’s poor eyesight, Priscilla began searching for an audio Bible for him. She knew that he wouldn’t be able to afford the price of data to stream an audio Bible over the internet, so she went to the Bible Society of Kenya to find a better solution. That is how she discovered the Talking Bible.

“The Talking Bible has changed my life,” says Mogusu. “It has become like a tutor to me.” He likes learning about the prophecies of Yeshua and the stories of Jesus doing miracles and teaching his disciples about faith. Now the whole family is listening and many of the neighbors are asking to borrow the Bible.

“My father has changed a lot,” says Christine Moraa, Mogusu’s eldest daughter. Mogusu himself testifies that coming to know Jesus has taught him to be forgiving and humble.

Priscilla says that she has learned a lot from their relationship as well; now she sees that God has work for her here in her own neighborhood.

Mogusu’s story is not uncommon. Eyesight issues are common where he lives, mostly attributed to poverty and lack of health services. Being unable to see is very isolating. Just as Mogusu found, a Talking Bible gives the encouragement of God’s Word speaking to the blind and non-readers directly. And it brings others around who want to hear too!

Help us provide Talking Bibles for the blind and other non-readers in Africa so they can listen to God’s Word.

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