Can you imagine living in a place where you can’t safely practice your faith? We are so fortunate and blessed to live where we can openly be Christians. It is not illegal to share our faith with others and attend church. But it is not like that in many parts of India. Where Khushbu lives, it is very different.

She was beaten by her father for going to church. But Khushbu didn’t give up on him.

Khushbu’s father hated that she was a Christian. It dishonored the family. And in her culture, anything that dishonors the family, like marrying outside the caste or denouncing Hinduism and becoming a Christian, requires punishment.

Khushbu tried to tell her father about her faith but he would not listen. Nothing his daughter said or did made any difference in this man’s life. The entrance to his heart was closed and sealed off by anger. He hated anything that threatened his family or his religious and spiritual needs as a Hindu.

She continued to pray for her father.

Pastor Kumar had led the church in her area for 11 years. He had tried to reach out to Khushbu’s father but was met with hatred and threats.

When Pastor Kumar was given Talking Bibles to use in his area, he knew that Khushbu needed one.

Receiving the Talking Bible, she prayed again for her father. She prayed that God’s Word would speak to him.

She took the Talking Bible home and started listening. When her father came home, he was curious and started listening too. Eventually, he asked if he could keep it overnight to listen more.

Khushbu told her pastor, “For the first time, he was able to listen directly to the words of God. When I returned, he accepted Jesus was God and wanted to be baptized.”

God had a plan for Khushbu’s father.

God used the pastor, the man’s daughter, and the time needed to create the right moment when the father was ready to hear from the Holy Spirit. God used the Talking Bible to bring all things together at the right time.

And in the privacy of his own home where he was alone and felt secure, God was able to reach into the man’s heart and change him using the Talking Bible.

India is a country filled with superstition and hatred for Christianity. Some of the provinces in India even have anti-conversion laws making it illegal to convert to Christianity or even tell others about your faith.

You can’t tell someone about God or you risk a beating or jail, but you can give them a Talking Bible. And God’s powerful spoken Word can open closed hearts and minds. It can reach past fear and hatred. It can break the barriers of superstition and illiteracy. It can give the hope and promise of salvation to the lost and hurting all over India.

Please, give a gift today and help give God’s Word on a Talking Bible.

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