Anytime you want to read your Bible, you can. Many of us probably have more than one Bible in our house. We can pick it up and read it and learn from God’s Word anytime we want.

A non-reader doesn’t have that option. Even if they owned a Bible, the words would just be scribbles on a page. It would mean nothing to them.

Non-readers need to HEAR God’s Word. A Talking Bible lets them do that.

Simon couldn’t read. He needed to hear the Gospel. He needed to hear Jesus’ teachings to help him and his family through very difficult times.

By the age of 10, Simon was already heading down a path of darkness. He would frequently get drunk and then start fights with people or throw stones at passersby. His mother would have to tell him all the bad things he had done because often he wouldn’t remember. Simon spent many of those early years of his life in his native South Sudan, a home ravaged by war and unrest.

Then Simon began attending church with his mother. As he listened to the Bible being read each Sunday, his life was slowly changed until eventually, he believed and was baptized.

Today, Simon and his family live in a refugee camp in northern Uganda. Their exile from their homeland is a testament to the lack of peace in their lives, but when Simon listens to the scriptures on a Talking Bible, he sees that Jesus is a man of peace, a peacemaker.

This helps him deal with the trauma of his earlier life and guides him in relationships with those around him. The camp has people from many tribes from his homeland including the ethnic groups causing the unrest. There is often conflict. But Simon is able to share Jesus’ teachings on his Talking Bible with others in the camp.

“This Talking Bible has helped me a lot because it teaches me to fear God and respect my neighbor,” says Simon. “When Jesus came, he gave his life to the people. Now I give myself for that reason.”

Help spread the Gospel of peace and everlasting life in Jesus with a gift of a Talking Bible to a non-reader in Africa. Share the gift of God’s Word.

Your gift today will provide Talking Bibles for non-readers who need to HEAR God’s Word.

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