When the war came into Rebecca’s life in South Sudan, she lost her faith. People were killing each other; friends and family were dying. Though she had always considered herself a Christian, she couldn’t believe the words the pastors would say. She couldn’t understand the benefit of God.

The civil war in her homeland emotionally devastated Rebecca, and more than that, it forced her and her family to flee to a refugee camp in northern Uganda.

It was there that she was given a Talking Bible by a pastor ministering in the camps. “When I got the Talking Bible, I could trust those words. It is like reading the whole chapter, not just the verse,” Rebecca says.

She particularly remembers listening to Jesus’ words in Matthew 5, “‘God blesses those who are poor and realize their need for him, for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs. God blesses those who mourn, for they will be comforted.’”

Rebecca added, “God tells us, ‘when you change and come to do good, I will forgive you.’ So, when we forgive one another and make peace, then God forgives us,” Rebecca explains. “So now I come to church in the morning and then greet all my neighbors because that is how to build peace. God told me to go to church from the [Talking] Bible. ‘Love one another,’ he said. It means to go to church also.”

Many of the people in the refugee camps are Christians. Their lives have been disrupted, their families torn apart, and their faith challenged. When God’s Word on a Talking Bible comes into their lives, they can feel His presence, hear His teachings, and know they are loved.

Having a Talking Bible to listen to and learn from has helped Rebecca renew her faith and trust in God.

The Talking Bibles in the refugee camps allow the refugees to hear God’s Word and the promise of eternal life. And a steady diet of God’s Word helps to comfort the hurting, heal broken hearts and relationships, renew faith, encourage forgiveness, and promote peace.

You can help! Your partnership with Talking Bibles will help place Talking Bibles into the refugee camps in and around South Sudan.

You can give the gift of God’s Word to the Christians who fled their homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs!

For those who have never heard of God, a Talking Bible can give them the opportunity to hear the Good News so they can respond to God’s call.

Your gift today can change a life, a family, a community. Thank you!

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