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Pastor Kumar’s church in Northern India has felt the impact of God’s Word in some amazing ways!

“It’s like there was the time before the Talking Bible and there is the time after we received the Talking Bibles,” Pastor Kumar says.

Laughing, he says all the listening has created a lot of questions for him to answer, but access to Scripture has also changed the church for the better.

**_“For 11 years we have labored and God has blessed our church, but since we received Talking Bibles not long ago, it is like everything has changed — the believers are encouraged and new people are coming to follow Jesus like never before,” _**Pastor Kumar says.

Most of the 250 million people living in the state of Uttar Pradesh in northern India where Pastor Kumar works have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pastor Kumar explains that though his district is largely illiterate and less than 0.2 percent of people follow Christ, Talking Bibles are received as holy words from God.

This allows people to listen to the Word of God and learn directly from what the Bible teaches. The pastor says many who get Talking Bibles form listening groups which include family and friends, most of whom have never heard about Jesus.

With these Talking Bibles, they are empowered to bring God’s Word to those who otherwise would never hear it. “They are now equipped to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and make disciples of others,” the pastor explains.

Holding a Talking Bible, the pastor explains how he gave one to a woman named Khushbu. She had been praying for her father who was hostile towards the things of Jesus Christ and had previously beaten her for going to church.

As she played the Talking Bible for her father, he asked if he could keep it overnight to listen more. Khushbu told her pastor, “For the first time he was able to listen directly to the words of God and when I returned, he accepted Jesus was God and wanted to be baptized.”

Pastor Kumar says that placing Talking Bibles in the villages has allowed many illiterate people to share their faith and teach others about Jesus Christ.

He says many times people play the section of Scripture they heard from the previous church service and then discuss it with one another. From those discussions, he adds that many are now coming to him asking to be baptized and become followers of Christ. “There are so many in some of the villages that we will need to establish some new churches,” the pastor says.

The pastor explains that since getting the Talking Bibles, many people in the church have listened through the New Testament multiple times in their native language of Hindi.

God’s children in India are crying out to God for Talking Bibles so they can share effectively the Good News about Jesus with their friends and family.

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