But Jesus answered, “It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” (Matthew 4:4)

These are some of the first words that Mary Aluk remembers hearing from the Talking Bible she received about a year ago. Jesus’ quoting of Deuteronomy 8 comes at a moment of strong testing and temptation in his story.

Mary knows that story in a very personal way; “When I memorized that verse, I realized we have a lot of temptations. When we came from South Sudan, it was like that story in chapter four. Many of my family were killed, so we had to come here. I pray only to Jesus. When someone comes attacking me, I can know they are just like Satan [in this story]. So, I can have self-control.”

After fleeing South Sudan with some of her family members, Mary settled in a refugee camp in northern Uganda. There, she cares for over a dozen young family members who have been orphaned by the war in their home country. Twenty people in her family, most of whom cannot read, regularly listen to the Talking Bible. “Those children are not so much fighting as before,” she says. “They get the love from the Bible.”

Mary cannot herself read, which is why she uses the Talking Bible so much. She has listened through most of the New Testament so far; she is currently working through John’s Revelation before restarting. “I’ve changed my life from listening. From doing bad to people to doing good for another person.”

There are thousands of Christians in the refugee camps in and around South Sudan where people are starving spiritually. They cannot read so they do not have access to the Word.

They need direct contact with the Word, spoken to them in their own language. That is why a Talking Bible is so powerful when it gets in these areas. That’s what these Talking Bibles that are going to the refugee camps in and around South Sudan are doing. They are going to these broken people and reassuring them that despite the trauma that’s going on, there is a God that loves them very much, and there is a hope for a better tomorrow and a better future.

Your gift today will give God’s Word to non-readers like Mary. Give the gift of a Talking Bible and help a non-reader hear God’s Word and learn of His love and forgiveness.

Your gift today will help place Talking Bibles with non-readers in refugee camps, in remote areas in India, in places around the world where they need to hear God’s Word. Thank you!

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