Pastor Ram is a pastor of a church in Northern India. He says because less than five of the people in his church read, the 13 Talking Bibles distributed in the church have been critical for evangelism and making disciples.

Pastor Ram explains that most of the people who make up Emmanuel House of Worship began as Hindus who were curious about what the Bible said, but had no way to read it and nobody to ask. He says the Talking Bible allowed them to seek God for themselves. His wife, Jyothi, says that the women like to gather socially and listen and then they talk about what they heard. She adds, “I like to tell them to go to John chapter 4 so they can hear about Jesus speaking to the woman at the well.”

“The church needs the Bible. For us, it comes in this Talking Bible in which both the non-Christians and the Christians learn about who Jesus is and what He means for them,” Ram says.

Pointing at his Talking Bible, Pastor Ram explains how he asked his neighbors if he could play the Talking Bible for their child, Rithika, who was housebound with cerebral palsy. They agreed, but also listened in. The family was shocked that they desired to spend time with Rithika and were impressed when they helped her take a few small steps. Jyothi explains, “The parents realized Jesus often healed people and therefore values the life of those who are handicapped.” She adds, “That whole family has now placed their trust in the Lord and is part of our church. They also now play the Talking Bible for others in the community.”

Because the Talking Bible looks like a holy book, it is received as such and is often trusted by those who would not otherwise seek the truth of Scripture. Pastor Ram says once they hear the words of Jesus, they realize all people come to Him the same regardless of caste or ability to read, and He offers forgiveness of sin to all.

Though Pastor Ram and Jyothi both read well, they say few people in their district, especially among the lower castes, read at all.

The pastor explains Talking Bibles are critical for ministry in his district because there is no Christian media. Even for the minority who read, there is no access to Christian literature. He said he, Jyothi, and those at Emmanuel House of Worship see the 13 Talking Bibles they have distributed as the Lord’s faithfulness to reach his district.

Holding his Talking Bible, Pastor Ram said, “I don’t know how we did ministry before we received these two years ago.” Jyothi added, “They simply play the words of God, but they have changed everything.”

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