But it wasn’t until she received a Talking Bible that she was able to know her true Lord and tell others about Him.

In a remote area in India, statistically unreached by the gospel of Jesus Christ, Preeti learned about Jesus from a friend. Without access to any Christian media, she eagerly awaited Sundays to hear her pastor read Scripture. Although she occasionally had access to a Bible, she could not read well enough to understand what she was reading.

One year ago, she received a Talking Bible. She was overjoyed. She says, “When I listen to my Talking Bible, I can focus on the words I hear and not just on trying to read. It is like my pastor is reading it to me.”

The homemaker said she listens to while working in her kitchen and often invites neighbors over to listen with tea in the afternoons.

In the year she has had a Talking Bible, Preeti has listened through the New Testament multiple times on her own and one time with her neighbors. She says, “I do not always know how to answer their questions, but I do know we have heard, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.’”

Excitedly she explains, “Not only can I hear Scripture, but just as a friend of mine shared Jesus with me, I can now share about Jesus with people who need to hear about Him and His love.”

It’s not only neighbors Preeti listens with. She says her 18-year-old son began listening to her Talking Bible before classes every morning and now embraces Jesus as Lord. The mother explains that though her son reads well, there are no Bibles available in her area and that he learns best through listening. Pointing at her Talking Bible, she says, “He heard and knows this is truth and now my son prays for his friends and many of them have been healed of illnesses.”

When asked about what portion of the Talking Bible she has learned from the most, the evangelist responds that all the Scriptures are valuable, but she particularly enjoys the stories about women and how Jesus accepts them. She speaks of the woman who met Jesus at the well in John 4 but says her favorite is the woman with the flow of blood who made her way through the crowd to get to Jesus in Matthew 9. She says Jesus told her that her faith made her well and that she could have joy.

Holding her Talking Bible, Preeti says she has learned so much by listening, but most importantly she has learned that God’s grace is sufficient for her and that the Holy Spirit has given her gifts to use for the church. She adds, “I know that His giving me access to this Talking Bible is not for me alone, but so I can share this Good News with others and that they can then share it with people they know.”

Since receiving a Talking Bible and listening to it regularly, Preeti not only believes in God but has a relationship with Him. She wants to share His love and grace with everyone around her. And she has a tool to help her do that. Her Talking Bible!

Your partnership with Talking Bibles gives non-readers the chance to learn about God’s love and grace. And it gives them a tool to share the Good News with others.

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