Sisa is a young man in Ethiopia. He is a farmer and can’t read or write.

Three years ago, he started attending church and became a believer. When he came to Christ, he did not know anything about the Bible.

Several months ago, he received a Talking Bible in his language, Borana. He has been listening to God’s Word and learning. He leads a listening group every night and helps to minister to others in the group.

From knowing nothing about God to leading a group and reaching out to non-believers, the Talking Bible has changed Sisa’s life.

Sisa especially likes to listen to the book of Proverbs. As he listens, he learns how God wants him to live. And he is making changes in his life to live a more Godly life.

Explaining the changes in his life, Sisa says, “I used to drink. Proverbs said that people addicted are poor. So, I stopped drinking alcohol. I learned that with God, every food is good. Without God nothing is good.”

The Borana people love listening to Proverbs. The Borana culture passes down knowledge and wisdom through wise sayings and stories. When the Borana people hear Proverbs playing in their own language, it is as if they are hearing their fathers and fathers’ fathers speak to them. They all want to hear them and are learning from them.

Pictures of Sisa's village. Grass huts. Girls carrying wood.

Above are pictures of Sisa’s village in Ethiopia.

Proverbs are a real and practical method of transferring wisdom in their culture today. Many Proverbs are about drinking, wisdom and foolishness, wealth and poverty, and adultery. These are all issues that the Borana are facing.

Drinking and making local alcohol are common. The Borana wealth is their cattle and camels. All too often, Borana men become addicted to alcohol or chewing chat and have to sell their cows to feed their addiction.

Adultery is also a problem in their culture as it is generally accepted. A husband may even find a boyfriend for his wife to keep her company when he is traveling away from home.

Even as the book of Proverbs helps them with practical teaching and giving them many things to talk about together, it is this book of Proverbs that makes the people want to hear more from the New Testament and what Jesus had to say.

Sisa is learning and growing as he listens to his Talking Bible, both on his own and in the listening group.

Being unable to read or write doesn’t stop him now. He shares God’s Word and reaches out to non-believers to share the promise of eternal life. Praise God!

Each testimony that we share with you is just one example of the countless people who have been saved and empowered by listening to God’s Word.

Your support has helped Sisa and others like him learn and grow in their faith so they can reach out to others.

But there are still many more to reach!

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