You don’t have to travel to the ends of the earth to be a missionary! Or to preach the Good News about Jesus.

Someone like Pastor Rajan and the Talking Bible will do that for you.

What’s green chutney? It’s a flavorful sauce to dip bread into. It’s green. It looks yummy! But wait a minute, it’s moving.

That’s what Pastor Rajan discovered when he dipped his bread into the bowl. On close inspection, he saw it was worms mashed up but some were still alive and wriggling.

Pastor Rajan was in a remote village in India where the Gospel was being heard for the first time. Unaccustomed to the food, it was no doubt a little hard to swallow! But, Rajan had Good News to share and he’d come a long way to do that.

Indian missionaries like Rajan go to remote areas that are very different than what they are used to. Many have different cultures, different traditions and a different diet. Like green worm chutney!

The Bible says that people from every nation, tribe and language will be in heaven. The task of reaching these people with the Good News is very difficult with few resources available for the pastors who work in India. That is why the Talking Bibles are so important and sought after by so many.

In February, 2020, 500 young men like pastor Rajan will gather from all over India to share their stories about how God is using the Talking Bible in their respective Communities. It is really encouraging to see so many pastors and evangelists in India using the Talking Bibles to reach the unreached.

Some of these men will be going back to some very remote places where our feet will never go. They will bring God’s Word with them so people in these remote areas will have the opportunity to learn about God’s salvation.

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