In the dense hill forests of Orissa state live the Kui people. They are a scheduled tribe meaning they are historically disadvantaged people in India. Only a few generations ago, the Kui people subsisted mainly from traditional hunting and gathering techniques. Now, many larger villages have government-maintained roads linking them to large cities, semi-reliable electricity, and even the rare school. Kui society is rapidly moving out of the 19th century and into the 21st.

Sobita, a Kui woman from Kinjilingi, has seen some of these large societal changes firsthand, but the greatest change has been in her own life.

“Previously I was worshipping so many gods and giving sacrifices to them,” says Sobita. Then she heard the story of Jesus from a Catholic priest. “Gradually, as I listened to the Word of God, I came to know the truth. Why was I offering those sacrifices? They were idols, without truth in them. So that is why I came to Jesus.”

Some of the younger people in Sobita’s village have been able to leave the village to get education at a nearby school, but no schools existed when Sobita was a young girl. That means that since she has been a Christian, she has been largely reliant upon listening to the Scriptures from others. “Listening to someone, it may be right or wrong; I don’t know. But by directly listening it is more perfect, more reliable.” That is why Sobita was very excited to receive a Talking Bible some months ago.

“Previously when I listened in church, I would forget quickly. But now with the Talking Bible, I am listening again and again so I can remember,” says Sobita. One of the stories she can remember now is the story of multiplying fish and loaves (John 6). She says the story is good because, “we may not have a lot, but with a little bit the Lord will sustain our lives. [Like that story,] we have no fields for our cultivation, but the Lord is supplying for all our needs. It is a great comfort to us.”

Sobita listens to her Talking Bible every evening before going to sleep, and she also listens during breaks from field work. “Other people are asking for this one [Bible] because they cannot read. [If more Talking Bibles come to this village,] others will get the opportunity to change.”

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Sobita’s favorite Bible story.

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