Please read about Deva, a man in India, who faced persecution for his Christian faith, but refused to back down.

Deva is an illiterate farmer from Rajasthan. He married when he was young, and was blessed with four sons and four daughters. In Deva’s society, children are a blessing.

However, that blessing was followed by a curse when his wife became chronically sick around age 30. For 13 years Deva searched every hospital and Hindu temple for a cure for his wife. In Hinduism it is common to offer sacrifices to idols and priests in order to gain favor and healing from the gods, but none of that helped Deva’s wife.

Then one day he heard about a man near his village who was proclaiming Good News, so he took his wife to him. The man was preaching about Jesus, and when Deva heard from him the Word of God, he believed that Jesus was the true God. Deva says, “Once I believed in Christ, He healed my wife of her sickness! He is the loving God.”

After that, people in Deva’s community began opposing him and his whole family, beating him and trying to chase him out of the village. They even refused to allow their children to marry any of Deva’s children, a very serious affront in Indian culture.

Deva told them, “If you kill me, no problem; I will go to the Lord Jesus and be happy with that. But I will never leave Christ.” Twenty years later the opposition continues, but it has subsided some and Deva has since been able to arrange suitable marriages between his children and the children of other Christian families in the area.

“Since I got the good life in Christ, I want to give the same testimony to others so they can live the life I am living. I’ve seen this Bible is very good for Christ. Whatever problem comes, I’ve learned to listen to God’s Word every day,” said Deva.

Deva received a Talking Bible from his pastor five months ago because he doesn’t know how to read or write. “Before I was sharing with my mouth only, and some people would believe and some would not. Some people would listen and some would not listen from my mouth. But once I received this Bible, I can say, ‘this is not made by me, these are not my words. This Bible is made by God, and He is a living God. So, you can listen and accept Christ and grow in His Word.’”

Deva has always been courageous to tell others about his faith, and now he has an important tool to do that. Now that he is older, he doesn’t spend as much time working in the fields; instead Deva listens to the scriptures most of the day. “Sometimes I go to the market and keep the Talking Bible in my shirt pocket, and people will be asking for it. If anyone opposes me to listen, I will purposely go to him and ask him to listen!”

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Please, help us reach the lost in India.

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