Later this year, Talking Bibles will be celebrating 30 years of ministry — 30 years of reaching the lost around the world by providing audio Scriptures in the form of Talking Bibles for those who can’t read.

Whether you have been partnering with Talking Bibles for many years or you just gave your first gift, you are helping reach the lost as you respond to God’s call to share the Good News. God’s Word comes with power and authority to break down the barriers of poverty, lack of education, and persecution to bring God’s love to those who need to hear.

God has blessed the efforts of our partnership, allowing the Talking Bibles to enter areas of spiritual darkness and share the light of His Word to the spiritually lost and hurting. Praise God!

As we enter new areas of distribution in East Africa, our goal is to saturate the area with Talking Bibles so all will have the chance to hear His Word. Tunu Duva comes from one of these areas recently saturated with Talking Bibles. The change in her life and in her village are amazing!

Tunu Duva lives in a village in Ethiopia where few people can read. They rarely hear God’s Word because there is no one to read it to them.

Tunu prayed for God to help the people. She prayed that God would provide access to His Word so they could learn and share their faith with others. Soon after, Talking Bibles were brought to her village and distributed. Tunu was overjoyed. Her prayer was answered.

After receiving the Talking Bibles, Tunu and her fellow church members started listening and learning more about Jesus. Other villagers started listening too. Thirty-eight new people came to church and became believers.

Tunu shared some of the benefits her village is seeing thanks to the Talking Bibles. The church leaders in the nearby town are using it to memorize the Scriptures so they can share God’s Word with new congregations and churches. People are getting proper Christian teaching. Tunu believes this will result in more people coming to church.

The Talking Bible has also brought unity to the church. In the past, those who could read the Bible would start quarrels about different teachings. But now, with everyone listening directly to the Word of God, there is less confusion and better understanding.

When people gather together there is now a love for one another. The Talking Bible has created happiness and joy. Listening to the Word of God is also healing to many people. Poverty, civil unrest, and nearby tribal warfare has affected Tunu’s area and many people are struggling. The Word of the Lord gives them hope in the face of difficult circumstances.

There are Talking Bibles in 8 churches in and around Tunu’s village and people are listening and coming to God. Tunu’s church has become crowded because people want to hear the Word of God.

“I praise God and I am very happy about the Talking Bible,” Tunu says.

The Talking Bible brings God’s Word into areas where few people can read, reaching new believers and allowing Christians to learn and grow in their faith.

Your gift will help place Talking Bibles where non-readers need to hear.

Please give a gift today. A Talking Bible can change a life, a family, a community.

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