It has been one year since Opse Bdane became a believer.

She first learned about Christ on television. Soon after, she moved to a small village and joined the local church.

Opse received a Talking Bible and began to listen. She shared it with her family. Her husband and four children became believers after listening to the Talking Bible.

Since she cannot read, she listens to the Talking Bible as often as she can. She says, “I now understand how Jesus is LORD. He is alive and is the ONE WAY.”

When asked what has changed after hearing the Talking Bible, her excitement grew. Bouncing her folded hands up and down in her lap, she says, “After hearing the Bible, I love Christ Jesus and God more and more. I have love in my heart to live forever with HIM."

She also wants to draw others to Christ. Her bright smile lights up the room as she says, “I am hoping and believing many will come to Christ through listening to God’s Word.” Her love and enthusiasm are contagious!

Your gift will allow new believers like Opse share God’s love and teachings with those around them. What an incredible blessing!

A picture of Opse’s church.

Here is a picture of Opse’s church. She and other church members regularly use the Talking Bible to reach out to their neighbors and are eager to share the Gospel with them.

Will you help us place Talking Bibles into the hands and hearts of non-readers who need to hear God’s Word?

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