There has never been a better opportunity to place Talking Bibles with those who need to hear. Sharing God’s Word with non-readers is an enduring way to respond to the Great Commission.

Time and time again, we have seen how God is using Talking Bibles to reach non-believers and to provide His Word to believers who can’t read. Non-readers are even becoming evangelists, using their Talking Bible to share God’s message with those around them. How exciting!

Please read Abuya’s story. You’ll see how you can help share God’s Word through an exciting opportunity.

Abuya is a poised, confident woman. While she shared her experience with our interviewer, her expression was serious, but her manner was friendly.

Growing up near a mission station in Ethiopia, Abuya learned about Jesus at a young age. Though she used to read, her eyesight is now failing and she can no longer read a Bible.

Abuya’s daughter has sickle cell anemia. “Thanks to God!” Abuya exclaimed, “for giving wisdom to produce Talking Bibles. I listen at night with my daughter. It is very helpful to me and when my daughter has severe pain, the pain is lessened when she listens to the Talking Bible. She really pays attention.”

Not only does Abuya listen with her daughter, she shares God’s Word on the Talking Bible with other family members and with her neighbors when the community gathers together for their coffee ceremony. “It gives great comfort to those who are mourning,” she says, and adds, “Jesus’ words ‘Come to me with your burden’ helps me so much.”

Now that she can’t read anymore, the Talking Bible is even more important to her. Wiping tears from her eyes, she says, “Finally, I give thanks, I am very thankful for Talking Bibles.”

Abuya has a Talking Bible because of faithful supporters like you.

When you give a gift to Talking Bibles International, non-readers are able to receive Talking Bibles. Whether in villages and towns in East Africa, in poverty-stricken areas in India, in refugee camps around South Sudan, in places where it is dangerous to be a Christian and share His Word, God’s Word is giving life-giving hope and comfort to those who need to hear.

We have the opportunity to send a pallet full of Talking Bibles to East Africa. The Talking Bibles will be distributed throughout 5 countries: Ethiopia, South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, and Eritrea.

During the month of May, we are trying to raise money for these Talking Bibles. Will you help us fill the pallet by giving one or more Talking Bibles?

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