God’s love changes everything.

Rebecca is from South Sudan. Her country has been at civil war for many years. Different people groups have been fighting for power and killing each other since South Sudan became an independent country in 2011.

Rebecca now lives in a refugee camp in Uganda, just over the border from South Sudan. She is safe from the government and rebel fighting but that doesn’t mean everything is peaceful.

There are many people groups in the refugee camps. There is still bitterness and hurt and hatred in the camps.

Growing up, surrounded by conflict, Rebecca learned to be angry. If anyone bothered her, she would fight them. If someone abused her, she would retaliate. She was unhappy. She knew she needed to change but she didn’t know how.

Then Rebecca received a Talking Bible. She heard the great message about the peace of God. She learned about God and His love for her and everyone around her. She learned how to live the way God wants her to live.

Rebecca and many in her community in the refugee camp are understanding many things about God. Even though they can’t read, they can listen together.

“When I heard God’s Word, it was a really big thing in my life,” says Rebecca. “Now I am really close to Jesus. I am living my life for Him,” she adds.

Rebecca began to change when she understood God’s love for her.

Now Rebecca is a peacemaker in her community. She is still surprised about this as she used to be the one who was always fighting. Now when she sees others fighting, she goes and separates the people and shares with them the love of God.

Rebecca has learned how to love and how to forgive.

Every evening, Rebecca and her neighbors gather together and listen to God’s Word on the Talking Bible. There are often 20 to 25 people who come to listen!

The local pastor in the camp trained them how to share the Talking Bible with others and it’s working! The number of listeners is growing and five people have become new Christians.

Thankful for her Talking Bible, Rebecca says, “I know that I am a Christian now because I can listen and understand God’s Word. It is the key to life!”

Rebecca’s life was changed because you cared. Your support of Talking Bibles helps us place God’s Word into areas like refugee camps where people are lost and hurting. You helped give them access to God’s Word in their heart language. Now they can learn about His love and teachings and the way God wants them to live.

Non-readers are at a disadvantage in learning about God’s love for them. An audio Bible in their own language allows them to grow in their faith and gives them the knowledge to share God’s love with their family and community.

Praise God for his love and mercy.

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