Read, read, read. No one can read. Listen, listen? Anybody can listen.

⸻ Martha

Though she used to be able to read slowly, Martha’s eyesight has begun to fail as she has aged. Many people in her community in southern India have no education, or like her, have other factors preventing them from regularly reading the scriptures. Access to the Bible is scarce.

When she received a Talking Bible three months ago, she was thrilled. Having God’s Word on an audio Bible is important for her. Martha feels that the Talking Bible increases the faith of all those who listen. “Faith comes by hearing!” she says, quoting Romans 10:17.

Martha loves her Talking Bible. She and her husband listen to three or four chapters every morning. “It’s a new day, so I focus first on God,” she says.

Excited about the changes in her life, she emphasizes, “Whenever we listen each day, we are living like what we have heard.” In the last three months, she has witnessed her husband’s faith grow along with her own. He has professed faith for some time, but through listening regularly, he has become more obedient to God and abandoned his habit of drinking alcohol.

So far, Martha has listened through the entire New Testament, including the Gospels twice. John’s Revelation is her favorite: The hope of a renewed life and a renewed world with all believers gives her great hope, “That is a wonderful life! It is why I proclaim the word of God.”

Martha is excited about what the Talking Bible offers her and her husband, but she is also excited about how she can use it for others. Many friends and strangers have asked her how they can get one. “If you provide more, we will distribute more!”

Your support and prayers have given Martha new life and an excitement and desire to share that with others.

We love to share these testimonies with you and show how your generosity is helping people in near and far reaches of the world learn about God and hear His Word.

We also need your help. We know you have a heart for reaching the unreached and for helping non-readers have access to God’s Word.

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And please pray for those receiving the Talking Bibles–that their hearts and minds will be open to receiving the Good News and God’s love will surround them and lift them.