This Christmas, will you share the gift of God’s Word with people who have never heard of His love and mercy?

In India, only a small percentage of the population is Christian. In fact, in many parts of India, Christians are in danger.

Anti-conversion legislation in more than a quarter of Indian states effectively prohibit the spread of the gospel. Every year there is an increase in incidents where Christians are targeted for their faith. Religious minorities in India, especially Christians, frequently find themselves victims of religiously motivated violence.

In areas where becoming a Christian is dangerous, many people never get the chance to learn about God and His salvation. Especially if they can’t read.

Your partnership with Talking Bibles helps get Talking Bibles into these areas, where people need to hear.

A Talking Bible is unique in that it can get past the superstition, the fear of outsiders, and speak through the spiritual darkness to people who might otherwise be afraid to listen to a missionary.

Here is a story about Roy, who is using Talking Bibles to help new believers: He is sharing God’s Word with people in India who can’t read and have no other way of learning about God. These people in turn are sharing the love of God with family and neighbors around them, reaching the unreached.

Roy grew up in a family of Hindu priests. For many years, he practiced his family’s traditional religion, including living alone in a forest cave and studying with a guru. This way of life did not satisfy him.

He knew there must be something more. He grew frustrated and disillusioned. He finally asked his guru if he had ever actually seen any of their gods. The guru’s angry dismissal confirmed to Roy that he needed to leave his past behind and find truth.

A friend gave him a copy of the New Testament. After reading through the Scriptures he knew he had finally met the real God. He also knew that he had to tell others about this God.

Now this former Hindu monk is evangelizing and teaching the Bible in Kolkata city in north eastern India.

Due to the extreme urban poverty in the city, many of the believers in his church groups are unable to read. Having Talking Bibles available to distribute lets Roy give these people access to the scriptures that they have never had before.

God comes alive for these believers! He makes them into non-reading evangelists. They share with family and neighbors who would never otherwise have the chance to hear about God’s saving grace.

Over the past year Roy has handed out over 200 Talking Bibles in three different locations and two different languages.

Please pray for Roy and his ministry, that all the people he comes in contact with will grow in their love for Jesus and the Scriptures and share that love with those around them.

Will you continue to help sponsor Talking Bibles and Talking Bible Listening Groups? Your gift this Christmas will give the gift of God’s Word to non-readers.

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