Elizabeth is so thankful for her Talking Bible. She is married to the pastor of the church in her town.

As the pastor’s wife, she knows a lot about God. She is active at church and in the women’s group. But she never had the opportunity to go to school, so she is not able to read the Bible for herself.

“We are not educated people,” she says. Most women in her town cannot read, so the opportunity to hear the Bible is exciting. “Now I can hear the Word for myself,” Elizabeth continues, “Everyone has their own understanding, and now I can have my own understanding!”

To the non-reader, the ability to listen to the Bible is so special. Elizabeth says having to depend on others to read it to you is difficult. She and the other women are so thankful to have a Talking Bible to use whenever they want. They hear the message for themselves and they can discuss it together with each sharing their understanding. She comments that she and other women know God more intimately and are growing deeper in their faith.