We hear a lot about thanks during this season. We are thankful to God for our families, our church, our friends.

Here at Talking Bibles, we give thanks to God for YOU. Because of you, non-readers around the world are hearing God’s Word in their heart language. People who would never otherwise learn about God’s love now have access to His Word.

Evans is thankful to God for you, too. Because of your partnership, he was able to receive several Talking Bibles and transform the lives of many around him. Here is his story.

Evans, a farmer in a small community in East Africa, felt a calling to live God’s good, pleasing, and perfect will for his life. He desired to change the lives of people around him.

He started a Bible study in his village. Evans has a Bible and is one of the few people in his community who can read. He would read the Bible to them, and they would discuss what they heard.

There was no church or pastor near the village, so they had no pastor to lead them. They trusted the Holy Spirit to help them understand.

The Bible study grew to 87 people. Evans was overwhelmed. He had no place to host all the people, so they would meet under the trees near his home.

Evans was able to get several Talking Bibles in Swahili to share with his group. Now they could break into smaller groups and listen to God’s Word on the Talking Bible.

Evans obeyed God’s call. Now, many in his area call him “the man of God.” He is well known after sharing several Talking Bibles in nearby villages.

As the groups spread the word about Evans and the Talking Bibles, more and more people came to hear. Soon, 242 people were coming to listen to the Swahili Talking Bible.

Viko attended the Bible Study. Evans gave him a Talking Bible to take home and share with his family. Viko wrote me to thank Talking Bibles and our supporters for their great work of ministry.

The Talking Bible is a great blessing for those of us who can’t read. Listening to God’s Word has strengthened our faith and opened our eyes to many deadly deceptions. You are doing a great work of saving souls.

⸻ Viko

Emily is an elderly woman who also received a Talking Bible through Evans. She has never read a Bible because she never learned to read. Now she is holding a Talking Bible in her hands and listening for the first time in her life. She is walking the road to salvation and is full of joy from God. She tells us Evans has brought great change in her village through the ministry with Talking Bibles.

We want to take this Thanksgiving season to thank you, our loyal and faithful partners. It is because of you that people like Evans can reach so many in his area. It is thanks to you that Viko and his family are able to hear God’s Word and grow in their faith. Your partnership has allowed Emily to hear God’s Word for the first time.

You are special because you care. You care about the lost and hurting in the world who so desperately need the Word of God to heal their brokenness and fill their hearts with His love.

Thank you for partnering with us in sharing the Gospel of truth with non-readers around the world.

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