If he can change my life, he can change anyone!

⸻ Arshad

Arshad was an abusive drunk. His family feared him.

“I drank alcohol every morning and even with my lunch at work, but nobody offered me any help,” the factory worker says. “My wife and four children only knew me to be a drunk and could not trust me.”

Arshad’s life was spiraling out of control.

In desperation, Arshad sought help in the gurdwara, the local Sikh temple in his home state of Punjab, India. They told him to study their scriptures and meditate more diligently. But Arshad can’t read, and the men giving advice were drunks themselves. Arshad knew their suggestion was useless.

The years of drinking had injured his liver and doctors had no treatment to offer. Hopeless and in pain, he would often lay awake thinking of ways to end his life.

Though Punjab is only 1.2 percent Christian, God led a broken Arshad to meet a pastor who told him about hope and help in Jesus Christ. He remembers, “He told me Jesus offers me new life and the power to change my life. Then after praying, he left me with a Talking Bible to listen to the Word of God.”

While it has only been three months since his providential meeting, Arshad boasts that his life has been transformed by Jesus Christ and the Talking Bible.

While Arshad admits there have been temptations, he is learning to pray for strength and trust in the power of God. He is sober, his health is improving, and he has a growing relationship with Jesus.

Arshad explains that the change in his life has had a profound effect on his family. He listens to the Talking Bible with his wife and children every day. Now they also know of Jesus and want to be baptized.

The transformed family has gone through the whole New Testament in Punjabi by listening every morning and several evenings to his Talking Bible over the last months. His children especially like hearing about the life of Jesus.

His neighbors have seen the change in his life, so they come to listen to the Talking Bible every week.

“Jesus saved me and saved my life. This Talking Bible now allows me to tell of His goodness and power to others who I could not have told before,” Arshad explains, “If He can change my life, He can change anyone.”

God’s Word can transform a lost soul into a thriving and growing Christian.

Many people in India and around the world are living in spiritual darkness. They have no hope for the future. They have no way of learning about the love of Jesus Christ.

God is allowing Talking Bibles to reach through this spiritual darkness. His Word is being heard and believed by many who are lost.

No longer held back by poverty or illiteracy, non-readers are listening to the Bible in their heart language. They are learning about how God wants them to live. They are receiving hope and their lives are improving.

Please sponsor a Talking Bible Listening Group and help give God’s Word to non-readers like Arshad.

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