Her daughter who lived in Juba (South Sudan) recently died. Akech could not stop thinking about her. She was grieving and thinking she would lose her life also.

Then her friend Ajulu invited her to have coffee. When Akech arrived, there were many women. They were listening to a Talking Bible in her language!

Akech listened to the Talking Bible. She came back over and over to hear God’s message. Eventually she believed in Jesus and became a Christian.

Her life is changing. Some of her troubles and worries are disappearing. Some remain but as she listens to God’s Word and keeps learning, they aren’t as important. She says, “I now have peace in my heart.”

When people don’t know God, life can be overwhelming. Struggles can seem insurmountable. Grief and worry can take over your life.

But God’s Word gives hope. He turns tears to joy. His immeasurable love heals broken hearts.

God’s Word changes the lives of unreached non-readers. Most would never have a chance of hearing about God and learning about His great love for them without a Talking Bible.

You can help. By sponsoring a Talking Bible or Talking Bible listening group, you can give non-readers access to His Word.

“I am really grateful to those who are sending us these Talking Bibles. It is really helpful for me and others here in my village. I am one of many people who cannot read. Now we can know the Word of God!” says Akech.

Partnering with Talking Bibles means unreached people now have a chance of hearing about God. Non-readers can listen to His Word and learn about Him and how he wants them to live.

Without you, this wouldn’t happen. You are the most important part of the ministry. You are sharing God’s Word with the unreached people of this world. You are making a difference in their lives.

Will you make a gift today to help give God’s Word to non-readers? Your gift today will allow non-readers access to the Bible in their heart language.

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