This was not unusual where she lives. Barely 1% of the population is Christian in Punjab, India.

Everything changed when her 18-year-old son was healed of dangerously high fevers after being prayed over by an evangelist. He believed in Jesus and became a Christian

“Everyone in our village practiced the same traditional religion, so we wrongly believed our son Jaswinder was rejecting us and everything about us,” the mother admits.

Sukhijit had never met a Christian and could not believe that the Christian god had healed her son. Believing only what the local priests told them, the family was ashamed of their son and forced him out of the house to become an outcast. Grieving, she needed to know what was happening in her son and the Jesus who is now in his life.

Fifteen years later, Sukhijit recalls that time by saying a mother’s love is strong, but it was the love of Jesus which changed her and her whole family. She watched the physical healing of Jaswinder from afar, but it was his changed life as a follower of Christ that made her approach her son again. He had been praying for his family and waiting. She was surprised, “Jaswinder was not only healthy, but he was happy and full of joy.”

Sukhijit believed first, then one-by-one the remainder of the family surrendered to the love of Christ they were witnessing. By that time, Jaswinder was a pastor and had the honor of baptizing his parents and grandparents.

Like many others in the Punjab region, Sukhijit is illiterate, but she came to love hearing the Bible read every Sunday as they met in secret house churches. Remembering her son’s prayers for her salvation, she prayed God would give her access to His Word. She confesses she does not expect she will ever learn to read.

Six months ago, Sukhijit’s prayer was answered when she received a Talking Bible. Holding it, the mother says, “Here in Punjab I could have never heard of Jesus Christ, but I saw His love in my child, and now I hear His words every day.”

Besides listening to the Talking Bible in house church gatherings, Sukhijit says she listens every morning as she prepares food for the day and often invites her neighbors to join her. In the six months, she has listened through the whole New Testament in Hindi. She enjoys hearing the accounts of Mary and Martha with Jesus.

Sukhijit explains, “The Talking Bible allows us who cannot read to learn the words of God, to be encouraged, and to easily share with others about what Jesus said and did.”

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